Blessing for the Freedom-Loving Peoples

Blessing for the Freedom-Loving Peoples

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I would like to bless the freedom-loving peoples of the world in every faith tradition, for all religions are pathways to freedom—inner freedom and outer freedom.

I bless those who love freedom more than security.

I bless those who have never had security and need it.

I bless those who stand in the way of people’s freedoms so that their hearts may be opened and turned, for they too need liberation.

I bless the religious of the world who love freedom more than belief.

And I bless those who hold the light of God in their hearts though they have nothing of this world.

And I bless the poorest of the poor that they may reach the richest of the rich, for only they can open their hearts.

God sets us in motion to open each other’s hearts, to allow the Revelation to come within.

May the Great Presence that has sent me here and that has called you to be here be your comfort and your challenge.

May it demand of you great things beyond what you think you are capable of so that you may find your strength and know the greater life that is yours to claim.







One Response to "Blessing for the Freedom-Loving Peoples"

  1. vijayakumar u Posted on March 19, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    Thanks for providing me the insight into deeper through the message conveyed by God. You had been used by God as an instrument to convey what the people in the world are required to do cutting across the religious belief. Most important aspect is humanity and freedom which only God can grant. The people throng about is running for slavery. Let Almighty bless them by teaching them the purpose for which God had created them.