Beyond the Physical Universe: A Greater Engagement

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Beyond the Physical UniverseA Greater Power and Presence preside over the physical universe, a universe far greater and more expansive than what you can possibly imagine, and even beyond the physical universe to the greater realms of Creation itself, which is something that few people in the world have even considered to be possible.

Yet the Higher Authority speaks to you in your most private place, the center of your Being, deep beneath the surface of your mind. This is your greatest relationship. It is the source of meaning and purpose in all of your relationships with people, with places and even with things.

You need this Higher Authority now to speak to the deeper part of you, to acquaint you with the deeper part of you and to prepare you for living in a new world and for engaging with a universe of intelligent life, that is the Greater Community of life.

The Ancient Voice is speaking to you now. It is like the rivers that run underground, under the desert, underground rivers of the purest water but which cannot be seen from the surface and which cannot be found except by other means.

This passage is from the Revelation titled “The Engagement”. The full Revelation is available now on CD at New Knowledge Library. Listen… listen to the Voice of Revelation speaking from beyond the physical universe.

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