Become a Force of Resistance and Strength

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The races intervening in your world have very little will and have difficulty dealing with complexities. They do not understand your spiritual nature. And they most certainly do not understand the impulses of Knowledge. The stronger you are with Knowledge, the more inexplicable you become, the harder you are to control and the less useful you become to them and to their program of integration. Individually, the stronger you are with Knowledge, the greater challenge you become to them. The more individuals that become strong with Knowledge, the more difficult it is for the visitors to isolate them.

The visitors do not have physical strength. Their power is in the Mental Environment and in the use of their technologies. Their numbers are small compared to yours. They are wholly reliant upon your acquiescence, and they are overly confident that they can succeed. Based upon their experience so far, humanity has not offered significant resistance. Yet the stronger you are with Knowledge, the more you become a force that opposes intervention and manipulation and the more you become a force for freedom and integrity for your race.

From: The Allies of Humanity, Book One, Fourth Briefing

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  1. Kenneth Heck Posted on October 31, 2012 at 10:49 am

    Why do we refer to aliens as belonging to “races”? Even among scientists the concept of race for humans has been proven to be inaccurate and not useful. Aliens do not reproduce as far as we know, except for perhaps the ‘reptilians.’ Aliens may be no more of a race than a particular brand of car off an assembly line (such as as Ford) could be termed a race of automobiles. Manufacturing aliens to suit particular times and circumstances seems to be a quite likely reality for humans entrenched in traditional ways of thinking.

    • Ellen_Society Posted on November 1, 2012 at 9:39 am

      Yes, the human family is all one race, though with varying characteristics.
      But beings from other worlds are each from different races, some look humanoid and others don’t. Some are very short, others tall. Some communicate only telepathically, others through touching fingerpads. We will encounter myriad races.
      Marshall’s most recent book: LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE speaks of billions and billions of races in the universe.

  2. Carolyn Posted on April 12, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    I think the idea here is to develop a strong bond with Knowledge, which will open for you the gifts you brought with you into this world. To cultivate them so that you can resist any uninvited company and find greater truths along the way. And the books, Steps Knowledge, Greater Community Spirituality, Life in the Universe, are among a growing library (all free and available online here at, which can help guide humanity, those who feel this calling, which is a fairly widespread phenomenon, on our return journey, yes, but also prepare us for engagement with the Greater Community.

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