Respond to the Situation

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When you read the Briefings that have been sent from the allies of humanity, you can recognize the intention behind their communications. It is inspiring. Even though their message is difficult to receive and may frighten your mind, it is inspiring because of the Knowledge that it represents and the high regard for humanity this represents.

Your allies will not come to save you. They will not mount an effort to come and save you. They will not betray the secrecy in which they live. They will not enter warfare with other nations on your behalf, and thus destroy everything it has taken for them to develop and to secure their anonymity in the universe. But their inspiration is important because it speaks to your experience. It speaks to Knowledge within you. This is the power of inspiration that can break the hold of the mental environment, that can break the hold of persuasion and that can break the hold of addiction.

If you are to be powerful as a people in the Greater Community, you must look upon these things with great sobriety, not with hope and not with fear, but with Knowledge; not wishing, believing and hoping that everything will turn out right and not with the fear that you will be overwhelmed and cannot respond. It is a different kind of position within yourself. It is a position you take in a house on fire when you must save people. You jump into action. You are not thinking about hope or fear. You are responding to a situation, doing whatever you can to help.

Passage from Life in the Universe, Chapter 10.

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