Awaken to a Greater Community Awareness

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God is giving humanity what it cannot give itself. God is alerting humanity to the perils and opportunities as it stands at the threshold of space. God is alerting humanity to the dangers and the opportunities and necessities of living in a declining world. God is bringing into the world a clarification of the nature and purpose of human spirituality, a nature and purpose that has been so lost and obscured in God’s previous Revelations.

To have a greater understanding of God and the universe in which we live, a Christian must become a Christian with a Greater Community awareness. A Muslim becomes a Muslim with a Greater Community awareness. A Buddhist and a Jew gain a greater panorama of life to which their religious teachings must become relevant. If religion in the world is to educate and to enlighten, it must have this greater capacity and awareness.

People of the world must awaken to the Greater Community and to the condition of the world you live in. You must learn of your greater strength and greater wisdom that God has placed within you to guide you, to prepare you and to protect you.

God has spoken again. It is for the greatest purpose to meet the greatest set of needs.




Author: MarkB