Are you Paying Attention to the Signs?

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Before there is a great illness, there are signs. Before there is a great drought, there are signs. Before there is a failure in your activities, there are signs. Before a relationship fails, there are signs. Before any great mistake, there are signs. Yet who is paying attention? Who is looking? Who has the clarity of mind to see these signs and to interpret them in the moment for what they really are and for what they really reveal?

If you are not reading the signs of the world, you are not behaving in an intelligent manner. You are not using your intelligence, the greater intelligence that God has given you—not your social conditioning, not your appeasement of other people’s expectations of you, not your constant striving to gain material success or to win approval from others, but the great intelligence that the Creator of all life has given you to see, to know and to act with commitment and certainty.

The signs are there. Great Waves are coming to the world, converging upon humanity— environmental degradation, changing climate, the loss of resources, the depletion of the world, the decline of the world and the presence of an intervention from beyond the world by races who are here to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity.

From: Preparing for the Great Waves of Change

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  1. Kenneth Heck Posted on October 4, 2012 at 9:48 am

    We are in the intial phases of what would be called “the great die-off.” Scientists have identified five prior ones in geologic history. There may have been another associated with the pre-cambrian explosion which left no evidence. In our case, the process of replacing extinct species by new ones will be accelerated through scientific genetic knowledge, but ultimately only species useful to mankind will be living on the planet. Humanity will be fully dominating the land. The oceans will be too polluted to support its traditional species. For a temporary period wild life refuges and preserves will protect what wildlife is left, but only well-endowed zoos will be able to assure living specimens of non-extinct species. This is all part of the divine plan for further human progess in a world unable to rise above the distinction between good and evil.

  2. Ellen_Society Posted on October 4, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    We would like to quote from the back cover of this remarkable book, for this Great Waves of Change was given to encourage us and to teach us to prepare. It is not here to throw us into despair.

    “In this visionary book, Marshall Vian Summers explains the steps you can take to navigate our increasingly turbulent and uncertain times. In the face of such uncertainty, Summers presents a revolutionary way of knowing – a unique process that can be applied by people everywhere. By understanding the Great Waves of change, and by connecting to a deeper authority within, you can find the strength, courage and inner certainty to adapt ant to become a contributor, not a victim, to a rapidly changing world.”

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