The Antidote to Suffering

The Antidote to Suffering

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While God allowed the universe to be created, the physical universe you live in, God also gave the antidote to suffering and to separation at the very beginning because you cannot really be separate from your Creator and from Creation. Even being obsessed in the physical reality, you still cannot escape your origin and your greater destiny.

It is then all a matter of time, and time here can be equated with suffering, the suffering you experience to various degrees every day of your life. You do not even know how much you are suffering because you do not know what it is like to be free of it, except perhaps for brief moments here and there.

Even your state you call “normal” is a state of suffering—a state of apprehension, concern and anxiety; a state overshadowed by the difficulties of life and the great change that is happening in the world at this time.

God has given you the antidote to living in the physical reality. The antidote is the deeper Knowledge God has placed within you. Beyond the realm and the reach of the intellect it is. You cannot understand it with your intellect. You can only respond to it and follow it and allow it to demonstrate to you its power and efficacy.

This passage is from the Revelation “The Separation” which is the focus of study and contemplation in this month’s Free School.  The Free School is a global community of people studying the New Message from God and sharing it with others. Enroll and participate in the Free School today!