An Act of Courage and Integrity

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When facing the Great Waves of Change, if you wait, then your freedom to respond becomes limited, your options become limited, and you are forced to take dramatic and often drastic actions, which may not be beneficial for you. You do not want to wait until the eleventh hour, for then you will have no options. Your circumstances will be dictated for you, and not by you. Having made no real preparation, you will have to yield to the demands of your situation. This is a position that has few advantages and often great hazards.

People wait to take action. They wait too long and then either they cannot take the action that would be most beneficial or they must pay a great price for doing it, far greater than they would have had to pay initially.

It is true, you must earn your freedom. It is not free. Every act of courage and integrity requires overcoming something, releasing something and escaping something, both within yourself and outside of yourself. Life is moving. You must move with it. You must prepare for it, you must respond to it, you must feel it and experience it, and you must take action.

From The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 14.

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