Why have the Allies sent briefings?

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The Allies of Humanity have sent a series of Briefings into the world to advise and to prepare humanity for its engagement with the Greater Community. These Briefings present information that no one on Earth could create or know for themselves. They give a perspective that humanity does not presently have regarding the prospects for Contact and the consequences of Contact.

The Briefings correct many of humanity’s false assumptions and uninformed beliefs—assumptions and beliefs that make you vulnerable to foreign manipulation and persuasion. The Briefings themselves encourage humanity’s independence in the universe and the importance of not allowing foreign nations to establish their interests here and foster dependence upon their foreign technology.

This is a great service to an unwary and unsuspecting humanity, who believes the universe is either a great empty place awaiting exploration or that it is filled with benign and ethical races of beings who would be eager to assist humanity in its quest for technological solutions and greater power.

Passage from The Allies of Humanity, Book Three. Read The Allies of Humanity and join the Forum to discuss, prepare and share with others what is occurring in our world.

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