The Allies: Our Great Emissaries

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There are great spiritual forces in the Greater Community—individuals and even nations that have achieved very high states of accomplishment, far beyond what humanity has demonstrated thus far. But they are not visiting our world.

Great emissaries do not come and take control of other worlds. They do not represent political and economic forces in the universe. They are not involved in commerce beyond fulfilling their own fundamental needs. They rarely travel, except in situations of emergency.

We, the Allies of Humanity, are those emissaries sent to help you who are emerging into the Greater Community. And there are spiritual emissaries as well—the power of the Unseen Ones, who can speak to those who are ready to receive and who show good heart and good promise. This is how God works in the universe.

We come with our counsel and encourage you to refrain from making unwise decisions, from giving your life over to things that you do not understand and from acquiescing your discernment and your discretion for the sake of any promised reward.

And we must encourage you not to betray Knowledge within yourself, the spiritual intelligence with which you were born and which now holds your only and greatest promise.

The Allies of Humanity, Book One.

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2 Responses to "The Allies: Our Great Emissaries"

  1. Reginald Posted on February 12, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    Trust is a very big concern with anyone who comes to our world.
    As you already know, off world beings have come and gone from our world leaving what looks like some amazingly confusing evidence and or traces of their presence here as well as their location of where they frequent since they are here. So for us to trust the so called word is a little to much for us to take seriously or for that matter, do something about.
    We are a seperated and confused species who are attempting to understand the greater part of ourselves, let alone attempt to understand advanced species and races who come here now for whatever it is that they need. We humans have been so disected and seperated on purpose so that those who rule over us ( the 1%) can do whatever they please. However, if you are telling us that your mission here is to help us, we have heard that one before also. I believe in mind, and it is incredible. We have a very long way to go, as species go. Please tell me how in the world, your being here will help us to overcome creatures and beings who are so far advanced than we are, that they may very well look at us like so many ants on the ground. We have heard every story and tale from all of our ancient story tellers from different tribes all over the world. We have investigated every religion that we know of, and still no help yet.
    Do you really think that you can show up now, and convince us that you are here for our good ?
    See how unbelievable that sounds from where you are sitting at right now ?
    We have seen it all, and I am not convinced that your being here or advising us is going to make any difference either.
    As far as I can see (third eye) you are just another group of beings waiting to profit in one way or another from us and our world.
    We have had some of the best illusionist blend and cook our minds, so you had better get in line, when it comes to carving our world up for the banquet that it looks like you are going to have. All of us are not asleep or dumb, just a very large amount of us are right now.
    Knowledge is power, and we are a people with very little of it right now, compared to those who either invade us or call themselves helping us thru our crisis right now.
    Thanks but no thanks.
    We have had all of the Jesus’s that we can handle for now.
    Every one of the people who have tried to help their fellow man, has ended up dead or in jail for decades.
    This seems to be the way of this world, and I don’t think it has changed since I went to bed last night and woken up this morning.
    There are no martyrs, there are just dumb people who thought they made a difference.
    Let me know when you have a good sound balanced plan, and I might give you the time of day ?

  2. Bonnie Posted on February 12, 2014 at 10:44 pm

    Concerning the counsel of the Great Emissaries: I have come to realize that taking any kind of oath is a means of abandoning discernment in exchange for reward. Whatever circumstance arises, response to it may be precluded by prior promises. Therefore, oaths of office, vows, or any agreement or contract must be made with caution or avoided. Many oaths or pledges are temporary (I agree to obey the rules while on these premises) but some can be conflicts of interest (do I serve my constituents or my business club?). We sign our name every time we turn around. Can we figure out how to minimize these limitations on our freedom?

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