Next Steps after the 2016 Encampment

Welcome back from

The 2016 Encampment

As we all move forward in the days and weeks after the 2016 Encampment, please take time to be with the following opportunities to engage further around this historic gathering and its ongoing importance for our lives, for the Messenger and for the world.

A Message from Patricia and Reed Summers in the days after the Encampment

– Next Steps –


1) Take the 2016 Encampment PARTICIPANT SURVEY.

Your feedback helps The Society make the Encampment better and better every year.

2016 Encampment Participant Survey

2) View and share photos from the 2016 Encampment

Photos for participants of the 2016 Encampment

Public photos from the 2016 Encampment

3) See the statistics of Encampment Outreach and how many were reached in the days before and during this historic Encampment

Statistics from outreach during the 2016 Encampment


Thank you for being a part of

The Encampment 2016