Adaptation is Critical

Adaptation is Critical

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Adaptation is critical for humanity’s well-being, survival and potential for the future. For there must be a very great change in how people live and how they regard their relationship with the world and with one another.

As things stand today, this change will be brought about by a few courageous people, but the majority of people will continue to plunder the world and to demand and expect ever greater things from their governments and their religion, from one another and even from God.

Only a few will be visionary enough and courageous enough to really prepare for the future, and their preparation will make an immense difference in the kind of future that they will have.

They must be willing to function without consensus, doing things that other people are not doing, making decisions that others would not consider to be important—reducing their expenditures, reducing their activities to only what is really meaningful and essential.

Here entire industries will disappear, as people no longer have the resources to indulge in them. Hobbies, travel, art, luxuries, collecting things. These industries and all the services associated with them could largely disappear.

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