Accepting the challenge of a New Revelation

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Many people claim to have knowledge of the universe, but how can they know? They have been trapped on the surface of this one world—believing, hoping and speculating; trying to comprehend past revelations and prophecies or trying to project their understanding into realms far beyond their experience or awareness. Complex theories may be established. Prophecies from the past may be attempted to be fulfilled in current times. But these must all prove inadequate, for humanity is without education regarding the larger universe in which you exist and which you will have to face increasingly, both now and in the times to come.

It is wise then to accept your limitations. It is wise to put yourself in a position to be a student, to be a listener and a learner so that you may receive fully the revelations that will be presented here—the revelations born of a New Message for humanity, revelations that will provide for humanity a new way forward into a very difficult and uncertain future.

Those who will receive and accept this challenge of learning about Knowledge and wisdom in the Greater Community will be the great beneficiaries, not only for themselves personally, but for the entire human family. They will be the ones who will be in a position to educate and to prepare others. This will require vision, courage and great objectivity, for this education must speak through and beyond your hopes and your fears. For they can only cloud the vision that you must now have.

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