A Warning is Not Enough

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Our task in these briefings is to bring a great warning, but the warning is not enough. There must be a recognition amongst your people. At least amongst enough people here, there must be an understanding of the reality that you are now facing. This is the greatest event in human history—the greatest threat to human freedom and the greatest opportunity for human unity and cooperation.

The activities that the visitors are conducting in the world at this time have been carried on many times before in many different places with many different cultures in the Greater Community. Your visitors are not the originators of these activities but merely use them at their own discretion and have used them many times before.

It is important for you to understand that skills in influence and manipulation have been developed to a very high degree of functionality in the Greater Community.  As races become more adept and more capable technologically, they exert more subtle and more pervasive kinds of influence upon one another. Human beings have only evolved thus far to compete with each other, so you do not yet have this adaptive advantage. This in itself is one of the reasons why we are presenting this material to you. You are entering a whole new set of circumstances that require the cultivation of your inherent abilities as well as the learning of new skills.

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