A Truly New Revelation

A Truly New Revelation

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Watch Reed Summers speak during the Broadcast, Apr 20, 2012.

The New Message from God is not just a book or a series of books, or a teaching or a series of messages. It is fundamentally an event in human history. It is a monumental event where God speaks anew to the world, warning, correcting, blessing, educating, preparing humanity for what is coming over the horizon that we ourselves cannot yet see.

This is when the Angelic Presence sends one of their own into the world to be the Messenger for this New Message from God. 

This is when God speaks through the Angelic Presence and through that Messenger to the world at large to give something completely new. 

This is when God acts to give us wisdom and guidance on how to protect ourselves, both within our world facing great change and as we encounter the Greater Community beyond our shores.

This is when God calls across the world all those who can hear that calling know they are in the world.

This is when God calls to you. And this is when God calls and finds you like a speck on the ocean, the vast oceans of the world; finds you, not others, but you, and calls you to receive this new Revelation to gather with others who are ready to do the same and to begin the preparation, the preparation for a new future in a vast universe of intelligent life.

The New Message from God is truly a great story transcending past history, past memory, the past experience of humanity, its tribes, its nations, its cultures. It is a narrative that encompasses those, and yet expands far beyond them. It is a narrative that speaks of life beyond our world, the evolution of that life in our place on that timeline of evolution and emergence.

The New Message says that we are a young world and that we stand at the threshold of emerging into what really is the rest of Creation. This is the biggest threshold that there could ever be for the world potentially. And what else but a New Message from God could really prepare us for it? Could we prepare ourselves? Can we analyze the skies and use our telescopes and optical instruments to examine and explore sufficiently to really know what are we facing here, what will we encounter out there? And if forces do come to our world from beyond, why are they here doing so? What are they here for? 

It is because of these great mysteries—but also urgent unknowns—that God has spoken again and given a New Message to prepare and to educate the world.

At the core of this revelation is a man, Marshal Vian Summers, who has spent his entire life preparing, receiving and now giving this revelation into the world. He is the first Greater Community messenger to grace the Earth. He has come for this purpose. He has come to alert humanity to the coming of the Greater Community. He has come to proclaim in the world our emergence into this Greater Community. And he has come to both receive the preparation and to give it.

And that is the great opportunity that is before you who have found the New Message and who have found the Messenger. You have this vast preparation ready now, designed for you who live in this day at this time where you are, who you are. There is this preparation ready for you today. 

The gathering is growing across the world. This message is moving now. The Revelation is being received and studied and lived by people in countries around the globe. And so I would like to call you to do the same, to join that movement of people, movement of people who recognize that we stand at a threshold as big as this, to come and to join them and to find this man, Marshall Vian Summers, and to receive what he has to offer.

You have known, I’m sure, that the neighborhood that you grew up in, that you live in is not enough for you. The city is not enough for you. The interests of your nation, the identity of your nation is not enough for you. There is something bigger that you are connected to and that actually is you.

And perhaps across your life you’ve been seeking this; you’ve been seeking to find this this greater reality, this purpose, these people, this place, this thing to do. And it is a remarkable and wonderful thing, something to celebrate, even that this Revelation about the Greater Community has come, has landed in your hand on your desk right in front of you because this is the great cause of our time. This is the great new reality new frontier that beckons to us who can be the pioneers to venture beyond the known to the edge of the unknown and to learn and to grow there together.

So I invite you to receive this Revelation of the Greater Community, which is contained within the New Message from God, to see where it might take you, to see what it can reveal to you, and to begin to sense into your calling and the mystery that surrounds your presence in the world in light of this revelation.