A network of the wise in many worlds

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There is a network of the wise, and there is a network of practitioners in The Way of Knowledge. Most have never met one another. But the seeds of Knowledge were planted in their cultures and are supported by spiritual forces who exist beyond the visible range—who encourage the discovery, the development and the expression of Knowledge within many, many worlds. For a nation can direct the thinking and behavior of an individual, but it cannot overcome Knowledge within that individual. Once an individual can begin to sense that there is a greater presence and a greater intelligence within them and can begin to receive signs and guidance from this intelligence, they have begun the long process in regaining and developing the most fundamental freedom.

In general, Knowledge will have to be shared in secret. It is not for public consumption. Even in your world, there are very few people who are really ready to become a student of Knowledge and to learn The Way of Knowledge, The Greater Community Way of Knowledge. The requirements upon them will be great. They will have to learn to rise above their cultural conditioning, their attachments, their fears, their hostilities, their grievances and learn through experience and through many stages of development to experience the presence of Knowledge and to express its guidance, its power and its contribution in their life in service to others. Such a gift is being presented into your world now for the first time, a Greater Community Way of Knowledge, as it is practiced in the Greater Community. But it is very challenging. It is not that it is so difficult; it is that people are so dedicated to other things.

To be guided by Knowledge is to be in a very natural state. It is to experience one’s own integrity. It is to have one’s life and priorities in balance. It is to have one’s relationships in balance. It is a very natural state. But people are living in very unnatural ways—being guided by their social conditioning, by their beliefs, by their ideas, by their grievances, by their political persuasions, by their nationalistic feelings, by their sexuality and by their hatred. It is shifting one’s alliance, then, from any of these various things to the presence and power of Knowledge that represents a great transition.

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