A Living Spiritual Presence

A Living Spiritual Presence

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Knowledge is not only intuition or certain kinds of urges or feelings or sensations or insights or recollections or premonitions — it is a living Spiritual Presence within you, the Mind behind the mind, the Spirit within the mind, a Spirit that is not an individual, but a Spirit that is flowing through you as an individual, a Greater Power expressing itself. It is not yours to own and claim, it is not your private domain or private property, and it is not your little section of Heaven. Instead, it is a great and abiding Spiritual Presence that passes through you and abides with you. Recognizing its existence in your life and joining yourself with it is a very great threshold through which to pass.

Here you not only make room in your life for other relationships, but you give your life in service. Now, you do not necessarily have to be a religious person to do this, for this happens to people who think they are religious and to people who think they are not religious. Yet, a sense of reverence will enter your life, a sense of greater destiny, greater origin and greater relationship. This is a spiritual emergence, a great spiritual threshold.

Newly posted… Thresholds from Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II, Chapter 16 

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