A Greater Vantage Point

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Humanity has great promise and has cultivated a rich spiritual heritage, but it is without education regarding the Greater Community into which it is emerging. Humanity is divided and contentious within itself, thus making it vulnerable to manipulation and to intrusion from beyond your borders. Your peoples are preoccupied with the concerns of the day, but the reality of tomorrow is not recognized.

What profit could you possibly gain by ignoring the greater movement of the world and by assuming that the Intervention that is occurring today is for your benefit? Surely there is not one amongst you who could say this if you but saw the reality of the situation.

In a way, it is a matter of perspective. We can see and you cannot, for you have not the vantage point. You would have to be beyond your world, outside the sphere of your world’s influence, to see what we are seeing. And yet, to see what we see, we must remain hidden because if we were discovered, we would surely perish. For your visitors consider their mission here to be of the utmost value, and they consider the Earth to be their greatest prospect among several others. They will not stop because of us. So it is your own freedom that you must value and that you must defend. We cannot do this for you.

Passage from The Allies of HumanityBook One, Third Briefing. Available Free online.

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  1. rosemary Posted on June 19, 2013 at 9:27 am

    I understand.
    The Vatican will make announcement of the “visitors” for whatever reasons. We will be duped again. Can see “freedom” “compassion” “equality” “liberty” “truth” “love” “honesty” “caring” for the human race might disappear. Will hold on to these qualities by continuing to fight in our usual stance against privitization of everything, freedom for thought, etc. Tough.

  2. Michael D. Howard Posted on June 19, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    Are you really on a “Mission From God” or it it a god ?

    Sorry here is were you loose me. If you are really from the divine which I have been shown is no second rate interloper why is it that your discovery would not bowed well for you? It is reported to the faithful that the God of Jesus has all power.Your spiritual claim is the Allies serve one that is beyond that. The way you write it it in this current post makes me think that in fact you serve the great & powerful Oz? If that is the case” Huston” you do have a problem.

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