A Great Crossroad

A Great Crossroad

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You are at a great crossroads. Choose one path and it will determine your destiny. Choose another path and it will determine your destiny. Here you must have vision. You cannot simply act out of haste and expediency. You cannot simply act out of desire for power and wealth in the moment, or you will forfeit the future and create an outcome more terrible than you can even imagine.

Here God is not punishing humanity. It is not God’s wrath, for God has no wrath. That is a human invention—an angry God for angry people. But God is allowing humanity to determine its fate in this world and to choose its course of action and to determine individually and collectively which way it will go, facing this great divide in the road.

You must choose to live using much less of the world’s resources and think of yourself not merely as part of a group, a tribe or a nation alone, but as a world citizen now working to preserve the stability of the world and the continuance of human civilization, which has been built over a very long period of time and has advanced and progressed because of the noble work of countless people who have given their lives to build certain aspects of this civilization. Though this civilization is highly imperfect and filled with error and corruption, it still has magnificent potential.

From The Vision. To read more and join a worldwide community at the crossroad enroll in the Free School of the New Message.

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