A Freedom Threshold

A Freedom Threshold

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Emerging into the Greater Community is the greatest threshold that any race can face.

Many races fail at this threshold, falling under the persuasion and domination of foreign powers. Many nations fail because they have destroyed their self-sustaining resources and have become helpless and dependent upon others who, through leverage and through commercial manipulation, were able to gain control of these young, emerging races.

It is a threshold with great risks and yet one with immense opportunities. In the face of the Greater Community, young races must unite, they must correct their destructive behavior, and they must focus on establishing the security of their world and its boundaries to space.

We provide our encouragement and our faith that humanity has the strength still and the integrity still to mount a great effort on its own behalf and to lay the foundation for becoming a free and self-determined race in the universe.

From The Allies of Humanity, Book Three.

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  1. David J Richards Posted on March 27, 2013 at 11:26 am

    Dear Allies,

    Before you convince the majority of humanity of your “truths”, you must give incontrovertible evidence for you assertions. I see no real evidence in these writings.

    Dave Richards

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