A Free Nation Will…

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A free nation will want strong individuals. A nation that is not free will want compliant individuals.

A free nation will support individual creativity and contribution. A nation that is not free will direct each person according to the design that has been given to them.

A free nation will support the discovery and the experience of Knowledge. A nation that is not free will never mention it, if it is aware of it at all.

A free nation will seek to remain isolated in the universe and to support its self-sufficiency. A nation that is not free will seek whatever wealth and power it can gain from others and thus become intertwined with the intentions and the compromises wrought with other nations.

A free nation will not attempt to gain access to other worlds to exploit their resources and to gain control over their inhabitants. A nation that is not free will do this within the boundaries of what is allowed within their region of space.

Passage from The Allies of Humanity, Book Three, Fifth Briefing.

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