A Delicate Situation

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The Allies will not describe themselves, give their names or speak of their home worlds. For this expedition is functioning to serve humanity in secret, without the awareness or approval of greater powers, even without the awareness and approval, officially speaking, of the governments of their own nations.

It is a delicate situation. To understand this, you have to really consider the difficulty of establishing and maintaining freedom amongst greater powers, where freedom is suppressed and avoided. It is a problem that humanity will have to face as it proceeds, as the human family emerges into a Greater Community of intelligent life.

The free nations in this part of the universe seek to promote freedom wherever they can. They view your world as showing great promise because spirituality and religion have not been destroyed or forgotten here. They see that the power of Knowledge, the greater spiritual power, is still alive in individuals, despite humanity’s grave mistakes and foolish activities.

Read more about the Allies of Humanity in Book Three of the Briefings.

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  1. Mathieu Posted on December 20, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    Many people ask for the “names” before everything, as if knowing the names of the allies or the names of the races responsible for the Intervention could helps us to understand the situation. Probably because our thinking mind loves to put tags on everything…
    But the Allies briefings and the whole New Message are much more about what we need, rather than about what our mind wants.
    It addresses to the part of us which is able to know the reality, rather than the part of us which is able to think about it and believe it… And this is quite frustrating for the mind sometimes !
    The point is not to believe, or to make a nice collection of believers.
    Our allies give us what we need, not what we want.
    On the other hand, those races who want to seduce us will be interested in what we want more than in what we need. They are just interested in what they need and how to get it.
    If we want names, they will give us all the names we want in order to make us believe in them.
    Discernment is crucial here, between what we need and what we want.
    A true friend will give us what we need first of all.

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