A Critical Time for Humanity

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We have learned, through error and through trial, the wisdom that we are presenting to you now. We too believed that we were the center of life in the universe and that any who would come to visit us would take great interest in us. Since we were self-centered, we believed and expected that the visitation would be centered upon us. But, alas, their presence was to gain access to resources, to gain allegiance, to establish our dependence on their technology and to intertwine us in their networks of trade and commerce, luring us with promises of wealth and power.

Each of our nations succumbed to certain degrees to this persuasion, for we were facing our own challenge of resource depletion in various stages. Of our seven nations, four were overtaken. The other three resisted this sufficiently to build the strength to resist intervention. We do not want to see humanity fall under the persuasion of foreign powers, for most races that do will never regain their freedom or sovereignty.

It is a critical time of decision in how you will live, how you will use and preserve your world and how you will engage and discern the Greater Community. The wisdom that we provide here can be very helpful to you in understanding what you are facing beyond the borders of your world. But we must call upon your strength. We must encourage you to mount this effort for yourselves, to educate your peoples and to undertake a Greater Community education. Your peoples are facing persuasion, inducement and pacification from their contact with those who are in your world today. The Intervention cares nothing for your cultures, and freedom is unknown to them. They only see it as the weakness of humanity, believing in the strength of their united effort.

From The Allies of Humanity, Book Three

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