A Delicate Situation

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The Allies will not describe themselves, give their names or speak of their home worlds. For their expedition is functioning to serve humanity in secret, without the awareness or approval of greater powers, even without the awareness and approval, officially speaking, of the governments of their own nations.

It is a delicate situation. To understand this, you have to really consider the difficulty of establishing and maintaining freedom amongst greater powers, where freedom is suppressed and avoided. It is a problem that humanity will have to face as it proceeds, as the human family emerges into a Greater Community of intelligent life.

How does a race such as yours maintain its freedom and self-determination amidst the presence of powerful and persuasive forces who will seek to undermine your confidence, your unity and your courage?

It is not a battle of weapons. It is not a battle of military might. It is a battle of will and intentions, a battle that is being played out on the mental environment—a great environment of influence where more powerful minds can influence weaker ones, an environment that humanity knows very little about.

Therefore, great assistance is being brought to humanity—great assistance providing wisdom and knowledge that humanity cannot provide for itself, great assistance that has been prompted by the Will of the Creator and carried out by certain individuals from several different worlds. It is an expedition that has been very dangerous for its participants and has taken a great deal of time.

Therefore, when you begin to study the Briefings from the Allies of Humanity, it is important to consider the risks that have been taken to provide this wisdom and the immense importance of the wisdom and perspective that are provided in these teachings.

Passage from The Allies of Humanity, Book Three, Who are the Allies of Humanity? Join the Free School to study humanity’s emergence into the Greater Community – the current school session.

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