You Do It Anyway

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You are here to serve the world, and you serve the world without requiring a result. If your service is pure, if it comes from love and compassion, you give because you must give, not because you are assured of an outcome. You do it anyway. You try to bring about a good result, but in the end, you cannot control it. Then if your service to others seems to fail, you will not feel devastated. You did what you could. Like the physician in the field of battle taking care of the wounded soldiers, you do what you can with what you have.

You are here to serve, not to control. You are here to give, not to manipulate things to your own advantage. This gives you a kind of immunity from the effects of tragedy, which in some cases may be extremely disheartening. Other people around you will fail. They will fail to prepare. They will fail to see and know. They will fail to maintain their stability. Some will even lose their lives. You cannot fail. This is the confidence you must have, and it must be built upon Knowledge and not upon some false sense of yourself.

Those who will be able to navigate the highly uncertain times ahead must have this strength and inner guidance. If they are to benefit from these circumstances, if they are to be uplifted and strengthened by these challenges, that must be their focus.

Passage from The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 12.

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