Look, Listen and Take Note

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To prepare for the Great Waves of change, you will have to take many actions. Some of them will seem very illogical in the moment. You will not be able to justify them or explain them to others. But you must take them anyway because Knowledge within you, the deeper intelligence within you, is urging you. You can respond to this if your connection to Knowledge is becoming stronger. Now it is no longer a still small voice or a fleeting image or a moment of recognition. It is now something that is emerging within you as a deeper conviction, as an abiding concern or need. No longer can you ignore it, deny it or push it away so easily, for it is now competing for your attention.

To begin, you must learn to become still and observant— looking without judging, looking without coming to conclusions, looking for signs. The signs are not everywhere, but they are abundant enough that if you are observant and give yourself to being observant as you pass through your day, then you will begin to see things, and they will stand out from everything else. They will stand out. They will impress you more than just the usual kinds of fascinating things or disturbing things you may hear about or read about. They will impress you at a deeper level. Pay attention. Write them down. Keep a record of them with a date and a time and a place so you can begin to bring the pieces of the puzzle together.

You should be looking more and thinking less, listening more and speaking less, observing others without condemnation or judgment, setting aside your habits of judgment and evaluation in order to listen. Remember, the birds in the air and the animals in the field are always listening and watching. They must pay attention.

From: The Great Waves of Change, Chapter Four. Read more.

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