All is Revealed at the Time of Revelation

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Who can receive a new Messenger from God? Who will reject him? How will people respond? Will they respond at all? All is revealed at the time of Revelation—the value of one’s religious understanding, the purity of one’s religious faith, the clarity and honesty of one’s approach, the openness of one’s heart and mind. All of these are revealed at the time of Revelation. And you are now living at a time of Revelation.

One man has been prepared and sent into the world. There can be no others who can make such a claim, for Heaven knows who is chosen and who is not. And those who choose themselves and elect themselves, well, they cannot bring a New Revelation into the world. They do not have the power or the clarity, and most importantly they do not have the Revelation itself.

Everything is revealed at a time of Revelation. The process of Revelation is so very different from the stories and the fantasies and the miracles that people ascribe to such events, such seminal events in human history that have been glorified and escalated way out of the ordinary to try to give greater prominence and significance to the teachings that emerged from such a great event.

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