What is God’s will for the world?

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God’s interventions are infrequent, but they are vitally necessary. The arrival of great spiritual emissaries such as Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed represent such interventions. However their presence may have been interpreted and whatever the response, these great representatives brought something to humanity that it desperately needed, that it could not find on its own.

You have now arrived at a great turning point when such a revelation must again be given. It is not a reiteration of what has been provided before. It is a New Message, a new understanding, an understanding that builds upon all God’s Messages that have ever been sent into the world to assist humanity. Yet because it is new, it may arouse much dissent and confusion. This cannot be avoided. The time has come for a New Revelation. This has been prompted both by humanity’s evolution and by the arrival of intelligent life from beyond the world.

It is God’s will that you prepare for the future. It is God’s will that humanity be able to survive as a free race within a larger arena of intelligent life where there are many challenges to freedom. Yet God’s will and what people understand are so very different. Are you willing to bridge this great gap? Are you willing to learn to recognize your true situation and to accept the gift that has been given for your own preparation, preservation and well-being? These are questions that must be considered by everyone who receives God’s New Message. They are questions that you must answer for yourself.

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