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Humanity now is on a reckless course. It is destroying its self-sufficiency in the world. It is endangering the natural balances that have given humanity such a beautiful and splendid world in which to evolve and to live. This is hazardous not only for your future in this world, but also hazardous regarding your relationships with other races in the universe. Through this series of teachings that you are about to experience, you will be able to learn about this, to see its implications and to understand this reality in order to have a real sense of it. This recognition of life in the universe is possible because you were born with a Greater Community awareness. This awareness gives you the ability to empathize and recognize certain realities about life from beyond this world. This is a recognition that exists far beyond your intellect, your thinking mind, which has been cultivated and established through cultural conditioning and your worldly education.

Recognizing that you have a connection to life in the universe is very important here and will be part of the exploration within these teachings. Without this deeper connection, the universe would be too awesome, too immense, too complicated, too difficult and too threatening. It would produce only insecurity and confusion for you. But speaking to the deeper part of you enables you to gain recognition and a sense of your destiny within the Greater Community itself. For regardless of the difficulties that you face in your own world and the difficulties in establishing proper and wise engagements with races from beyond your world, there is the fundamental reality that the human family has a destiny in space. You have a destiny to engage with other races, a destiny to grow and, with the proper education and understanding and with your own native wisdom, the possibility of being a free and self-determined race in a vast and difficult universe.

Accept this challenge, recognizing as you do that there is something within you that gives you the ability to respond to the revelations that will be given here. This ability exists beyond your intellect, beyond your ideas, beyond your fixed notions and beyond anything that you have yet learned in the world. It is mysterious because it is born of God. It is born of a Greater Reality of which you are a part.

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