4 Ways to Strengthen Your Spiritual Light

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1. Recognize it… recognize the power that lives within you and follow this power, allow it to reshape your life and priorities, allow it to free you from the shadows and the bondages of the past, allow it to open before you a pathway into a new life.

2. Come to it… come to it not with demands or schemes or plans, but with a pure need for it and the recognition that you cannot fulfill yourself, no matter what you acquire or what advantage you may be able to achieve. It is waiting.

3. Imagine it… imagine there is a lamp burning within you, and it is healthy for you to do this. It is not something you can associate with other things, other religions, other ideas, for it is purely what it is. You may imagine it to be a lamp, as you understand what a lamp is. That can be helpful for you now, to expand your mind, to give you comfort and assurance that you are not lost in this world, that your life has not been wasted on unfortunate or meaningless things, that a Greater Power awaits you once you are ready to approach.

4. Practice it.. God has provided the Steps to Knowledge to bring you to the Lamp. It is awaiting you. It will become a very important relationship, for all relationships in life are meant to accomplish certain things. Your relationship with the pathway is meant to accomplish certain things as well.

Begin Steps to Knowledge, join the Free School and deepen your relationship with your greater purpose, meaning and deeper direction in this school session titled “Knowledge and Spiritual Practice”. The above excerpts are from “The Lamp” – available to all students of the Free School.




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  1. Stephen Bross Posted on November 15, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    Thank you – What a beautiful powerful and simple message.

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