“God’s true Messengers have had to break the chains of convention.”

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“Simply said, the purpose of religion is to cultivate the desire and the capacity to experience the Divine Presence in one’s life.

Religion has become now a yoke and a harness for people, requiring them to believe along certain prescribed lines of thought and to behave along certain prescribed lines of behavior. But this is far from the essence of what religion is really for.

Religion is part of the human experience, and any attempts that have been made to eradicate it or to minimize it have proven to be unsuccessful. For you cannot deny the reality of the human Spirit. You cannot deny the fundamental reality that there is a greater spiritual need in people that must be expressed.

The Creator of all life has initiated all of the world’s religions, but they have all been altered by people and governments, by cultures and traditions and by the competition for power in the world.

It is as if the unreligious have taken over the business of religion for their own purposes…so you have a world that seems deeply religious, but is not practicing and emphasizing what religion is really for.

Where can you find the cultivation of one’s inner life? Where is the emphasis on recognizing, following and embracing the power and the presence of Knowledge within the individual? Where is the emphasis on developing and encouraging the individual’s capacity and desire to experience the mystery of the Divine Presence—a mystery that defies all religious teachings and conventions?

God’s true Messengers have had to break the chains of convention, have had to teach in opposition in the face of the prevailing religious beliefs and attitudes. They have had to become rebels and reformers, counteracting humanity’s tendency to turn what is sacred into what is profane.

If God is not bound by human thought, human philosophy and human theology, then you as a follower of Knowledge will not be bound by these either. This makes you free and uncontrollable.

So you have a world that is religious, but knows not of religion. You have a world where religious institutions and their advocates clash and compete with one another, not realizing that the Source of their faith is the same.

Recognize that there are people who are freedom oriented and there are people who are control oriented. And the control oriented are afraid of freedom, and they are afraid of Mystery because they do not believe in the essential goodness of the human spirit.

God is not bound by human creations, human beliefs and admonitions. God only provides what is real and essential to ignite the human heart and to give each individual a foundation for being inner-directed rather than outer-directed.

People celebrate and worship and repeat endlessly the lives of the great Teachers, but can they really live the lives that these Teachers promoted? It is not enough to celebrate a great Teacher’s revelation if you cannot find access to your own.

God is pointing you to the Mystery, not to the manifestation. God is calling you to the Mystery, not prescribing the manifestation.

To argue whether Jesus or Mohammed is the greatest Teacher or provides the final word for humanity is so utterly ridiculous and so far from the nature and intent of religion as God intended it to be that it represents a kind of pathetic diminishing and distortion of what religion really is.

The temple, the mosque, the church and the tribal place of worship are the places to honor the Mystery and to evoke the Presence and the Power.”

from The New Message on Religion

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