The 2 Levels of Consciousness

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Life at 2 Levels of ConsciousnessYou live life at two levels of consciousness. You live life at the level at which you think, and you live life at the level at which you know.

It is to bring you into life at the level at which you know that is the purpose of true religion in all of its forms. This reunites you with your Creator and with your greater purpose for being in the world. This brings you back to Knowledge, for God can only be known. Your purpose can only be known. Your true relationships in life can only be known. Your true impulses can only be known.Your ideas about them are secondary and, as is often the case, can only interfere with the recognition of Knowledge. You can believe in all these things. However, belief must have real experience as its foundation, or it becomes self-deceptive.

2 Levels of Consciousness: Thought vs. Knowledge

Knowledge is living within you at this moment. You live in your thoughts and your ideas, in your sensations and in your perceptions of the world around you. You are governed by forces, both physical and mental, that you cannot account for, but this happens only at the surface of your life.

Deeper down are the real currents that move your life, the currents of Knowledge. Knowledge moves you slowly into position so that you can discover and learn those things that will enable you to take the next step in your life. Knowledge is moving you towards realization, towards understanding and towards certain individuals who are destined to meet you and to be with you, if you can find them and if they can find you.

Passage from Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 4, What is Knowledge? Deepen your relationship with Knowledge and join the Free School of the New Message. Discover the difference between the 2 levels of consciousness.

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