Adjusting to a new world

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The state of mind that you want to achieve is one of clarity, objectivity and determination.

You will go through periods of great anxiety and great fearfulness. You will go through periods, perhaps, when you will want to deny this reality, run away from it or find some more comfortable way to approach it or to consider it. You will want to lessen it and think that it is really not so bad and that you are overreacting to it.

You will think that you should be more reasonable, more rational, which in reality means that you should act like other people act. You will have times when you will feel helpless and hopeless. Why prepare at all when it is so terrible?

Yet these are all emotional reactions. It is normal to have these kinds of reactions as long as they are not long lasting. It is part of the psychological adjustment to living in a declining world—a world of declining resources, a world of declining opportunities and a world of greater stress—requiring greater cohesion and unity between peoples.

Passage from The Great Waves of Change. Join the Free School to study and enter “The New World”.

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