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The New Message regards Buddha as one of the previous Messengers from God along with Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.

"God’s Plan is to save everyone—not the select few, not those who claim that Jesus is their lord, not them alone, or those who claim to be the followers of Muhammad, or to practice and apply the teachings of the Buddha, or to follow the ancient scripts of the prophets in Judaism." [1]

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In the lineage of the Messenger

"The New Message comes here in a pure form, and for the first time you will be able to hear the Voice of Revelation. It was a Voice like this that spoke to Moses and Jesus, the Buddha and Muhammad and the other great Teachers who have remained hidden throughout the course of human history." [2]

"God’s interventions are infrequent, but they are vitally necessary. The arrival of great spiritual emissaries such as Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad represent such interventions. However their presence may have been interpreted and whatever the response, these great representatives brought something to humanity that it desperately needed, that it could not find on its own." [3]

It is We who spoke to Jesus and the Buddha, the Muhammad and other teachers and seers through the ages who have brought a greater clarity into the world—to the prophets in every age and to the Messengers who only come at great turning points for humanity. [4]

The legacy of the Buddha

"In Knowledge you will find comfort and assurance. In Knowledge all that is truest in life will abide with you, for in Knowledge the Christ and the Buddha are one. In Knowledge all the great achievements of the great Spiritual Emissaries unite and become revealed to you. In this, their promise is fulfilled, for they have given themselves for this purpose. Thus, the Knowledge that you receive today is the fruit of their giving, for Knowledge has been kept alive in the world for you. It has been kept alive by those who have received and contributed it. Thus, their lives provide the foundation for yours. Their giving provides the foundation for your giving. Their acceptance of Knowledge strengthens your acceptance of Knowledge." [5]


"The Buddha is inspiring to you because you have a relationship with this remarkable individual, not because this individual is making everything work out in life for you."[6]

"Many of you would like to be like a Buddha or a Jesus or a Mother Teresa because these individuals represent everything that I am talking about. Individuals such as these are not trying anything. Life is moving them.They are unburdened so they can follow life. It is not that they have few possessions.That is not the issue. It is that they have very little insistence upon life; yet they are fully able and desiring to participate." [7]

"Knowledge is an abiding Presence within you. It can counsel you every five seconds. It abides with you. If you are not a religious person, well, you can just say, “I feel very good.” And if you are a religious person, you can say,“Well, I feel God is with me or Christ is with me or Buddha is with me or the Presence is with me.” It does not matter if you are religious or not. God does not care. God does not understand religion. God did not create religion. God only knows God." [8]


"Many people are more comfortable idealizing Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad than they are in really involving themselves in the teachings of these traditions. The hero worship takes the place of their own personal work and endeavor, and so these teachers become idols of worship." [9]

"You must turn your approach inward, for believing in Jesus or Muhammad or the Buddha will not bridge the gap of separation that exists between you and your Source and between the part of you that lives in the world and is of the world and the part of you that is not of the world." [10]

"On occasion great teachers are sent into the physical world, but this is quite rare. Why is it rare? Because people cannot tolerate having someone like that around. Would you want to go share a household with Buddha or Jesus? It would make you very uncomfortable!" [11]

"The Wise remain hidden for a very good reason. And yet, when you consider this idea, you will see how much it goes against your ambition and your personal motives. After all, you may not want to give your life and devote yourself to something that will not glorify you. Even the religions of the world offer many different images of self-glorification— to become a Buddha, to become an avatar, to become Christ like, to become a shining example that everyone flocks to for inspiration, healing and beneficence. However, the reality is very different from this and needs to be different because there is no Wisdom here. Do not, then, stimulate your personal mind with these fantasies. This is not the way." [12]

False invocation

"Do not underestimate the power or the persuasion of the Forces of Dissonance, for they too can speak of God and love and of Christ, Muhammad and Buddha, but with a different emphasis and for a different purpose. They too use all that is good, but for another purpose." [13]


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