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Thread: Campfire Chat - November 26, 2016

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    Campfire Chat - November 26, 2016

    Darlene_Society: The Messenger's wisdom from last Chat, November 19:

    The New Message speaks to people’s need, no matter where they are coming from. No condemnation, only service. It meets us where we are.
    The real conspiracy is pulling people into conspiracy, to go down that dark tunnel where the light does not shine. From there, your mind is no longer your own.
    With anger and condemnation, you cannot see, you cannot know, you cannot forgive yourself or others. Patricia's prayer "help me to see, so that I may know."
    The world is full of falsity, manipulation and self-deception because it is a world of Separation. Without Knowledge to guide people, how could it be otherwise? To condemn it is to fall prey to it. Let each of you become a counterpoint to all these things in what you see, in what you say and in what you choose to do. The NMG and STK are here to teach you and others how this can be achieved. In this, the prayer I use for myself is "give me courage, wisdom and strength,"
    Evil feeds off of...
    Darlene_Society: ... people’s attention and emotion for this is what keeps it real and alive in the world of the Separated. In Creation, it has no existence. If you study evil too much, it will draw you in.
    The man or woman of Knowledge is very aware of the presence evil and regard[s] it objectively while attempting always to stay clear of its many seductions. Evil is one of the hazards of living in the world.
    Paul-MA: Hi Carol. It has been difficult for myself to define what is God...It is much more managable to answer the question what is the nature of God? And to understand that my God connection is through Knowledge. This is a better first step.
    75704: Hello everyone.
    Betty_UK: Hello everyone
    Levy: So much wisdom => "The real conspiracy is pulling people into conspiracy, to go down that dark tunnel where the light does not shine. From there, your mind is no longer your own." (MVS)
    Carol_Society: Thank you, Paul! We will begin the discussion after the Hour.
    Jill_Boulder: Greetings everyone NNC
    Rosa_UK: Hello everyone
    Howard_Boulder: Hello everyone from beautiful Gold Hill, CO
    Joe_UK: Greetings everyone
    MaryL_Boulder: Hello everyone
    Joyanne: Hello everyone, very inspiring that others get up in the middle of the night to join us... thank you
    Sang_Ca_Korea: Hello everyone!
    Kelvin (Boulder): @Levy, so very true.
    raoul: Hello everyone from Australia
    Douglas: “Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it." - Isaiah 8:12, New International Version. I almost shared this last week.
    Darlene_Society: It is the hour. Let us take a moment of stillness and feel the grace of being alive in this time when the One God is being revealed, and we are able to be connected to each other across this fragile planet and especially with the Messenger himself, graciously spending each Saturday with us, such a gift.
    Jim B. Upstate NY: Thank you Darlene for this wisdom from Marshall! For me God is the essence of experience. The Creator is in everything, all situations, the environment and within. Especially within. We can feel this and we are asked to live this. When I look at another person in compassion grace is with me. It is a very small part of God that i am seeing. In them and within and around me.
    Jeanne_Boulder: Hello
    Bethne_UK: Hello Everone!
    75704: Interesting quote from Isaiah. Thanks for sharing that Douglas.
    Katia_France: Hello everyone!
    Surina_Calif.: Good Day from rainy Calif. Rain here is always a great blessing! What a tremendous joy that we all have been found like specks riding the oceans of life. Brought together to serve the Message and the Messenger. We made the Sacred Rendevouz! Yea! Good job, everyone! Nasi Novare Coram
    Carol_Society: It is with our heartfelt gratitude that we welcome each of you here again today to this very potent environment of The Free School, to this sacred experience of great purpose and relationship. And we all would like to welcome those of you who are joining us here for the first time. Thank you for taking this important step in your participation.
    tonia: Yes, Darlene. Thank you. Very important to see and know this. See when a person out of fear inside tries to eradicate fear on the outside by condemning others, blinds them to a point of confusion and anxiety, where no light is shining anymore. May they come back and be with themselves inside.
    carolyn_ct: Tonia, that is nice. Thank you.
    mellany UK: Hello everyone!
    Ginny_Dallas: Hello Everyone!
    Jim B. Upstate NY: Nice tonia! Thank you!
    16943: Thank you. Good morning
    Mathieu: hi!
    Josef Austria: Hello everyone!
    mehmet_tekirdag: Greetings, good evening from Turqia.
    Hyeonam_Korea: Nasi Novare Coram
    Jorge_Spain: However, what the Intervention is doing here is in itself a "conspiracy"
    Douglas: Is it just me, or does the New Message from God have an intention of shattering our tribal god-images, with the whole "billion billion billion races and more" bit?
    raoul: @Levy, yes! That has struck me too "The real conspiracy is pulling people into conspiracy, to go down that dark tunnel where the light does not shine. From there, your mind is no longer your own." (MVS) A huge program is in place to take our minds from us.
    Keiko_it: Hello everyone!
    Suzie_Australia: Hi everyone
    Danny_Australia: For me the experience of God is something that is occurring right now, when we can feel that there is another reality overlapping our own. A reality that is more coordinated and less confusing than the turbulence of separation. A reality where there is a deeper sense of relationship and unity with life its self.
    Me: Yes, Douglas!
    raoul: Hi Suzie, Danny - fellow Aussies [IMG]f[/IMG]
    Darlene_Society: Welcome everyone to another rendezvous with God & Creation...We began our study of God hearing the range of childhood experiences of the old God, from hell, fire and original sin to a more loving or at least neutral God experience. Now we see the contrast. Has The One God led you to experience God in a new way? The New Message refers to this as "The New God Experience." If you have had this experience, what has it been like for you? Note emphasis on the word “experience”...
    Danny_Australia: Hello Raoul!
    tonia: Quote from last weeks chat: MVS: The real conspiracy is pulling people into conspiracy, to go down that dark tunnel where the light does not shine. From there, your mind is no longer your own.
    Levy: Good point, @Douglas, it seems to be opening the curtain of reality a little more
    Hardev_Australia: Hi Raoul and Suzie
    Hardev_Australia: & danny
    raoul: Hi HArdev! Good to see you!
    Jim B. Upstate NY: I am experiencing life differently and because of this I am experiencing God differently.
    Suzie_Australia: Hi Raoul and Aussies (and friends!)
    raoul: @Danny, so tru...the overlapping explanation in LIU has been very helpful to me
    tonia: Raoul and Levy
    Jim B. Upstate NY: I am experiencing God differently and because of this I am experiencing life differently. One in the same.
    Val_Westport: As students of Knowledge, we are seekers/finders of Truth. There is a fine line between finding the Truth and resisting evil. Better for our studenthood to be for something, rather than against something; there is a big difference in results.
    Martin_Australia: Hi Raoul, Danny, Hardev, Suzie and all.
    Danny_Australia: Hi Suzie and all the Aussies!
    Kari_H_Finland: The old God is too small for the world now
    Jim B. Upstate NY: Very true Val. Thanks
    raoul: Hi Martin!
    Carol_Society: @ Jim: "to understand that my God connection is through Knowledge." All that we do in service to God is through Knowledge.
    Martin_Australia: 5 Aussies!
    raoul: yes Martin! that is good to see
    Gina_Boulder: Growing in my experience is the need to align with those who serve God, both here and beyond. A "God experience" feels intangible for me, yet intention to align is fueling my desire to serve-in the right place with the right people. It stimulates a continuous reaching and looking from within, needing to know and act based on essentials. Watching my intention and desire for this expand provides a sense of a God connection and direction, like stepping into the jet stream of greater intention for this world.
    Darlene_Society: Raoul, happy your team has arrived!
    Douglas: Australia is proving to be fertile soil for the New Message.
    Danny_Australia: We are keeping the flame alive
    Suzie_Australia: and Hi Joyanne!
    Hardev_Australia: @ Danny, so true
    Jim B. Upstate NY: Yes Carol! Thank you!
    70615: Hello everyone from Ontario, Canada
    75704: It has been a great experience to experience God from the vantage point of the NM. It is both liberating and empowering.
    MVS Society: - “Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”
    Chinese Proverb
    raoul: thank you Darlene, a humble beginning for a great cause
    Richmond_UK: This quote from ‘The Soul’ really struck me- "God does not have to take care of your life and does not have to watch over you personally because the Lord of a trillion universes cannot be preoccupied with your daily affairs, or your preoccupations or internal conflicts."This provides an unimaginable dimension to me concerning God and makes me realise that Creation/God, is not only greater than I think, but, greater than I can think and makes me very grateful for the deeper Mind that knows which is a doorway to where I can experience God.
    Jeanne_Boulder: Mother Theresa once said that she would never march against something but would marsh for something.
    Matt_bzn: One of my favorite quotes, and one i mentally reiterate throughout the day - "I did not come here to be a judge or a critic, I came to contribute". It feels very liberating and important to see without preference or opinion
    MaryL_Boulder: The words "God forsaken world" is no longer what I feel or see around me and within me inspite of the errors that are made by others or especially by me. There is a greater compassion growing inside of me cell by cell (slowly and incrementally).
    Katia_France: Thank you, MVS and Jeanne for setting the right direction: going towards and promoting the positive rather than focussing on and trying to combat the negative.
    Paul-MA: Jeanne- Evil thrives on the energy of "Against" something. Evil cannot anchor itself on the position of "Being for something."
    Kari_H_Finland: You could not have a relationship with the old God
    Katia_France: Lovely, Matt. Could you say where that quote was from? (5:13PM)
    Josef Austria: Combating the negative is to strengthen it and further weakening yourself!
    Me: @MaryL - The "god forsaken" world is no longer in my vision. Instead it is a place, where I see God walking around everywhere, through Knowledge in everyone. What is their purpose? Why did they I come? I am always curious and listening for these answers. This brings God home, to the real world for me.
    mellany UK: The New God experience …awakening the memory of my ancient and eternal relationship with God …an Intelligence, a force, that is living with me, and with others…within and around … rather than ‘something’ I may meet when I leave this world. The Presence and ‘compass’ of Knowledge, and the Greater Reality understanding provided by NMG has radically changed my of life experience…my direction, my focus and the foundation and purpose of my relationships. Looking back at my perceptions, expectations and overall experience of life, prior to finding the NM, and looking at my life today feels like “night to day”…. yet, in the greater scheme of things, and as a beginning student, it is earliest of hours....the breaking dawn. In awe, and with gratitude, for this journey and to be able to share the NM gifts of restoration and freedom with others.
    Matt_bzn: If my memory serves me, it it TOG, The Origin
    Mathieu: In my experience, the One God teachings, and the New Message teachings about God beyond this book, provide both clarifications in our understanding of God and experiences that go beyond the mere understanding of the mind. I think the corrections and clarifications provided on our former incorrect concepts of God are important because they help the mind to open and give some 'air' within the complex and often twisted set of beliefs and assumptions about God we've inherited from our culture and conditioning. A better understanding will not in itself replace the direct experience of God, but it may prepare the mind to receive this experience. And certainly a wrong understanding may stand in the way of that experience.
    Jeanne_Boulder: @Matt ban, I agree with "I did not come here to be a judge or a critic, I came to contribute". It feels very liberating and important to see without preference or opinion(9:13AM)
    Selma_London: "It is the Will and the Intention of God, directed by the Angelic Presence here on Earth, that communicates to you through Knowledge...The Will of God flows through the Angelic Presence, and all the levels of the Angelic Presence, and flows through Knowledge within the individual and expresses itself there....The Angelic Presence translates God’s Will into language, form, images, stories, ideas, explanations—everything, so that you can comprehend this and be able to relate to it within your own circumstances in life." God, Knowledge and the Angelic Presence.
    Douglas: Matt and Katia, Google is not aware of that quote yet.
    Kelvin (Boulder): @Darlene, it's been an opening experience to engage with the teachings in this book. It's a real golden thread to helps us navigate the viscous mental environment we live in and all the forces we are to pull our strength and determination to. and to honor the relationships with have to help us through...
    MVS Society: Part of my mission is to speak out against ignorance,violence and hatred. Yet the source of these things is not conspiracy or a fallen angel, but the Separation itself.
    Tamara: Truly my experience of the One God has not changed, for God's presence has always been in my life and the experience of this occurred infrequently and mostly when in prayer. Now however, I have the practice of Steps to Knowledge, of bringing myself to a place of stillness throughout the day. I feel this capacity building and it has added a deeper sensation of God, though still infrequent. I now feel the presence of Truth, of God, in what people say or do, in certain places and times. I am empowered now to know when I am deeply experiencing God.
    Anna W.: @Mellany--A beautiful testimony. I agree, it is for me the earliest dawn.
    mary s: @douglas, google has not heard of ipnosis either. Apparently an oral tradition. Until now.
    raoul: By the time "The One God" arrived, I had already had the experience of the "New God", over my years of studenthood, and it was really helpful to read an entire book that 'puts it all together'. I have reclaimed my conception of God thanks to the NM. I was beginning to be a 'bad word' for me, before finding the NM.
    Lin_Boulder: To experience or not experience God in daily life, even at the moment, for me, is to realize where I am at that moment. Am I governed by my mind or emotion, and struggling in speculating, anxiety, disappointment, self-pity and blaming another, or I can go deeper or at least realize there is the "internal and eternal" part of me which is not bound of all of these, which is with truth and true itself.
    Jim B. Upstate NY: Beautiful words Mellany! I feel the same. Thank you1
    tonia: I noticed that God seems closer when meditating. He is putting the manifest world right up in my face, as if I wear extremely strong glasses. It is as if he is showing me how important it is to know what is in my mind, for what is in my mind wether being thoughts or images, has a thousand times stronger impact on me now, than before. Taking the Steps and clearing the layers of cloggings, the mind is becoming stronger, and it is as if he is telling me, that what ever I put in there, will impact me and the surroundings, as the vibrations of emotions are equally strong to the impacts I put in there. He is closer than ever.
    Kelvin (Boulder): "You, on your own, cannot combat evil. If you tried to combat it, it would seduce you. You will become more like it. It will turn you from being a peaceful advocate into being a warrior yourself. You will find yourself taking up arms against others whom you consider to be governed by evil." - What creates evil.
    raoul: typo.....I meant "it was beginning to be a 'bad word' for me, before finding the NM."
    Matt_bzn: Powerful, Kelvin
    Mike_LF_CAL: I use to believe w/o question that God participating in my life directly, God was always there to "ask" for things, grant requests and fix problems w/my life. The One God and indeed the New Revelations from God and my understanding have shown me how this view was completely removed from reality. God is the God of 10^27 races and MORE and the God of Trillions Universes and a vast creation beyond the physical... God is not directing the flow of blood through my veins or preoccupied with my little life. God has given me Knowledge to guide me on my journey through Separation and I must cultivate Knowledge within me to greatest degree possible while still in the world to even begin to comprehend God. I have come to know that for right now at least God is beyond my comprehension as I view God presently.
    Kari_H_Finland: "The source of these things is the Separation itself" Thank God it is so. The power to end this lives within us.
    Kristina_Boulder: I was rereading the chapter "What creates evil" last night and what stood out for me was how easy it is to create violence even if good people are fighting for a good cause. It reminded me how careful we as a students should be. "While it is fine to oppose others for a good cause, in this circumstance, it changes your intentions. It changes your motivations because you are governed by fear—the fear of failure, the fear of not achieving what you want to achieve, the fear of thinking that if you are not successful, the opposing forces will be supreme. Fear gives rise to anger. Anger gives rise to hatred. Hatred gives rise to violence. And violence gives rise to further violence.
    This is a trap, you see. It is a fundamental conundrum. It takes good people and places them in opposition to one another, alters their true intentions to establish peace and cooperation and manifests entirely different results."
    Ginny_Dallas: During this session, I have realized how much I have unlearned and that I am truly aligned with the spiritual teaching that is slowly building a new structure that supports my soul's needs. With this I am experiencing an abiding joy, abiding gratitude.
    Jorge_Spain: In truth, everything can be misaplied; for example, focusing not on the "negative" can lead some people to ignore the Great Waves or the Intervention, because it sounds too negative. But the NM itself spends considerable time talking about things that sound "negative". As Val said above, the line is fine.
    raoul: Thank you Kelvin, so true, that is a very helpful message
    Paul-MA: Kristina, the indigenous peoples of DAPL are following this way of peace.
    Matt_bzn: Fear gives rise to anger, anger gives rise to hatred, hatred gives rise to violence, violence gives rise to greater violence
    Mathieu: @Rich: well said. In the approach provided by the New Message, God is much greater than we can possibly grasp with our mind, but not out of reach at the same time, as each of us as individual possesses this core connection to God. It feels like a stretch that gives a sense of the alignment within me: very far and beyond and very deep inside. The personal side is in between.
    Val_Westport: Experiences are myriad, marvelous, miraculous, even--yet Knowledge, God's great gift, is the constant, as Jesus said, the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Enthralling though experience may be, Knowledge is the foundation, the balance place. Rather than be mesmerized by the movie, look to the projectionist.
    Douglas: The God of a billion billion billion races and more is not without precedent. Mehmet, isn't Allah called "Lord of the worlds" in Sura 1? Mary, don't the Mormons believe God created "worlds without number?"
    Maurice _ Winnipeg: I am reading The One God and digesting it's pearls of wisdom and I am getting to know God all over again and this time I'm so glad it is coming from an authenticated source.
    Jim B. Upstate NY: Thank you Mike LF and Kristina! Powerful!
    Paul-MA: Jorge/Spain- there is a fine line between fighting against and defending against something...GWC, GC/Intervention.
    Jeanne_Boulder: I always thought of God as human (he or she) the word Creator has helped me to experience God more on a Spiritual level. God is a PRENCE not a thing or person
    Carol_Society: After past images and negative associations related to the word 'God' seared in my mind, to suddenly wake up one day, post NM, and realize (was it Grace? Mystery?) that it is not about what we call the Creator of all life. It is not about an image—no image comes to mind now. It is not about the associations of guilt and damnation. It is about an experience, as Paul said. The New God Experience. Built upon experiences in the past that I didn't know were experiences of God... feelings of awe and wonder, of stillness, of devotion, compassion, forgiveness...the movement of Knowledge. But now the God experience has gone to a whole new level. Felt in the very depths of my heart and soul. Witnessed and acknowledged. A profound experience of connection and affinity, of recognition, of Knowing and Being Known... And interwoven amongst this is the evolutionary process of a new understanding. The New God Understanding...
    Darlene_Society: @Ginny_Dallas, I recognize this "abiding joy, abiding gratitude" happening within you.
    mehmet_tekirdag: @Douglas, right. God is the lord of all worlds Q Chapter 1 (in official order) verse 2...
    Selma_London: "The universe is immense, so immense that it is incomprehensible. No one has been able to travel its lengths. No one has been able to encompass its vastness and complexity. It is beyond the intellectual grasp of any race in the universe. Yet the entire Creation has one Source and one Author." God, Knowledge and the Angelic Presence.
    tonia: Ah truth. The Separation. An intersting subject.
    James_SD: @Krystina yes this is something I have been thinking about. How do we oppose an injustice without throwing the opposition out of the Heart? It seems there will be many opportunities to practice this “peaceful protest” of all the many manifestations of evil in the times to come…
    Levy: Recently I watched a reporter giving a very good news coverage on a specific topic, really speaking out against injustice, but at the same time she transmitted much anger in her communication, not speaking from a neutral/centered place. I'm grateful for being able to "see" this, and also feel the tremendous rarity of wisdom correctly expressed in the world.
    Kari_H_Finland: "I now feel the presence of Truth, of God, in what people say or do, in certain places and times." Thank you Tamara. You reminded me of these mysterious experiences with people, when you feel that some higher power is in work here. You feel that this was meant to happen. But it is so subtle that you notice it only afterwards.
    Jim B. Upstate NY: @ Carol what you have said resonates with me deeply.
    Katia_France: Good point, Jorge (5:20PM). I suppose it isn't so much "focus on the negative" in the sense of observing, which the NM encourages to do about all things, including the GWC and the Intervention, but about focusing on things with negative emotions attached to that observation. If we can observe neutrally what is happening and not get caught up in emotions (fear, hatred, disgust, etc.) then we are in a position where we can see and know... and thus act and contribute for the best. Knowledge is still, Knowledge is not afraid or angry. It just knows what needs to be done and moves us in that direction.
    Sang_Ca_Korea: "The One God" and the supplemental study resources helped me to expand my perception from my old one. Rather than a one person living on Earth, I begin to see that I am one being living in the Greater Community, which again helped me to expand perception and began to look for the Spiritual Family in the Greater Community within my mind.
    Virpi_FI: Jorge, Paul, Kristina: You can only focus on the positive, if you accept and understand the existence of evil. Otherwise it is just an escape and a denial, a very common one. Protecting yourself or someone else is not "fighting against", is it?
    JeffreyAdler_Boulder: Recently on a beach in Florida (on a job), looking out over the vast Gulf of Mexico, stretching as far as the eye could see, and looking left and right at the beach, stretching as far as the eye could see, then looking at a grain of sand in my palm and realizing all I was seeing was in that grain was an undefinable experience of God for me.
    Paul-MA: What is challenging for me with regard to God.... When God is used in the first person in the Revelations, God did this or did that. Easier to understand when God is used as a Presence or Force. When God is used in the first person, it casts God in human terms. But God is certainly not human-like.
    MaryL_Boulder: @Kristina, yes with all the world becoming more and more unstable and reactive I wondered where do I put my energy and focus. Where do I stand and what do I speak for? Am I governed with fear, anger and judgement if I do not agree with those who do not value what I hold to my heart? This goes for everything, from the New Message, Messenger, to environment and the welfare of people. I am reading "What creates Evil?" for the guidance during these growing unstable times. Looking closely at how I live, what I say and do day to day, moment to moment - trying to resist following the fear in the world.
    mary s: @douglas, "don't the Mormons believe God created "worlds without number?" I don't care about their beliefs. What they practice is so graceful it continues to witness to me.
    raoul: @Jorge and Katia, thank you, I totally agree. A much different perspective from 'fear mongering'.
    Robert_Society: @Katia - Important to remember...thank you. " If we can observe neutrally what is happening and not get caught up in emotions (fear, hatred, disgust, etc.) then we are in a position where we can see and know... and thus act and contribute for the best. Knowledge is still, Knowledge is not afraid or angry. It just knows what needs to be done and moves us in that direction."
    24266: I feel a greater presence in my life, bothy while practicing stillness and in the world. I also feel a greater responsibility in the world and ability to listen, see, feel and act. May this connection to Knowledge strengthen. "This is the Revelation. We are the Revelation. There are no heroes to worship now, no individuals to deify, only greater responsibility to be assumed and a greater wisdom to be utilized." The Recitation
    MVS Society: “It is not a question of love or fear. It is a question of honesty and wisdom. The truth is not the product of perspective. It is the product of clarity and self-honesty. The truth does not change depending on how you look at it. The question is, can you really look at it? Can you abide with it? Can you allow it to challenge you and to restore you?
    ONE BOOK: The Dangerous Second Comin
    Keiko_it: Yesterday I read the email of the Society. When I have read "you are loaded..." I had a feeling of profound gratitude. I was born for this. I must give something, but I don't know what. I was so moved during stillness as well.
    Tamara: The conversation of fear, anger, violence and the like and seeing how people respond to this....reminds me of my spiritual awakening which began with a complete breakdown brought about by a group of 5 year old children, half of whom came from very traumatic life experiences. What came of that breakdown was that I must put myself, my mind, in a state response instead of reaction, and demonstrate true relationship. A simple lesson that carries me through to today.
    Gina_Boulder: @MVS that passage is being received. thank you.
    Kelton: Standing Rock seems to be a stage on which these many lessons are being played out.
    Joyanne: so true MVS.. The truth is not the product of perspective. It is a question of Honesty and Wisdom,, growing this deeper honesty within ourselves..incrementally, thank you
    Jorge_Spain: @Paul, @Katia, @Virpi, yes indeed
    MVS Society: Personally I do not use the positive/negative dichotomy, for that is merely subjective. Yet real/unreal, true/untrue, honest/dishonest calls for and speaks to a deeper experience.
    mellany UK: "Part of my mission is to speak out against ignorance,violence and hatred. Yet the source of these things is not conspiracy or a fallen angel, but the Separation itself." Thank you, Marshall. It helps me a great deal, with patience, restraint, focus, to regularly remind myself of 'the' fundamental problem. "There is only Knowledge and the need for Knowledge."
    Douglas: I confess to be grasping for something to say to someone about the One God that will not be taken as an affront or an assault on their faith. That might be my problem.
    Kristina FL: Thank you Marshall, so true"It is a question of honesty and wisdom. The truth is not the product of perspective. It is the product of clarity and self-honesty"
    Jim B. Upstate NY: Thank you Marshall for what you have said "It is not a question of love or fear. It is a question of honesty and wisdom etc" Thank you for this reminder!
    Val_Westport: Yes, Marshall. My prayer is that as I mature, I grow in honesty and wisdom. May my maturing understanding bring me into truer alignment with Knowledge and may I speak the Truth and have my words be true. Always.
    mary s: MVS, are those spectra rather than dichotomies? More or less true, more or less honest?
    Katia_France: Yes, Marshall! So true! Thank you. "real/unreal, true/untrue, honest/dishonest calls for and speaks to a deeper experience.(5:33PM)"
    Josef Austria: Thank you Marshall!
    Mathieu: I realized that I don't think about "God" that very often now, in the sense that I don't rely on my mind a lot anymore to entertain concepts about God. God has become more an experience than a thought in my life, and this experience is so much greater and different than the ideas of God as usually entertained that I don't automatically make the association in my mind. I experience God through experience of the Presence, Grace, Knowledge, remembrance, deep relationships,... and that is God enough to me. I can't say I know what God is or these experiences are all God is, but I don't need to do that. I only need to keep following these experiences of light in my life and I know I will come closer to God.
    tonia: Thank you, Marshall for bringing clarity on this.
    Jim B. Upstate NY: Each time MVS shares with us I always come to realize that I have so much to unlearn and learn, feel, and apply. This I guess is a part of growing up.
    Kristina_Boulder: @Carol. New God experience...Before the NM, I used to pray to God and hope that God will save me or perform a miracle , now I pray to Angels and ask Knowledge to guide me, to show me what I need to do. It's the shift form feeling helpless to feeling empowered, knowing that you do have an answer within, you just need to get through your mind to be able to see and hear. "Knowledge is really the focal point. It is not even God. You cannot focus on God. You can focus on your ideas about God or your belief about God, but what is this?" from The Soul.
    rayhobbs: Your values are becoming more aligned with your true nature and with it there will be greater self acceptance but you must journey on. There are many temptations to set up permanent camp on the side of this mountain but you must continue because you will not see and you will not know until you reach its greater and higher elevations where you can see your life and the reality of life around you without obstruction and you have to leave behind certain people behind even wonderful people who cannot make the journey with you ... it is not their time they are not ready. It may not even be their way up the mountain but you must follow and others will come to join you and you will have a deeper resonance with them. Some will travel with you temporarily and some will make the entire journey with you. Only Knowledge knows. (Following the Presence)
    58977: Thank you, Mathieu, you beautifully described my own experience.
    Patricia_Society: The New God experience.....feeling what you feel now, and knowing what you know now of your experiences of Knowledge, of Presence, of Seeing and Hearing from higher and deeper vantage points, and now looking back in time, can you recognize or see those special moments in infancy, in childhood, in youth and ever since of what you might now term your new experiences of God....? To be in full possession of this quality of experience is a treasure and a resource and a comfort...a moment of our long process of Service and Return...feel free to recall, and recount....
    Gina_Boulder: @Mathieu, I feel you here...I only need to keep following these experiences of light in my life and I know I will come closer to God.
    tonia: Jim, same here.
    raoul: (@support, my PM function does not seem to work as of the recent 3-4 weeks, is just my browser or has anyone else experienced this?)
    Richmond_UK: @Mat yes it is more about living a life that is reliant on inner direction, as opposed to outer direction. This has been a huge and very welcome shift in emphasis for me, since I found Marshall/the NM.
    Betty_UK: @Darlene Q1, part of the Soul that is connected to God is Knowledge and part of the Soul is separated. Being a spiritual being in a physical reality, make me feel less concerned about passing away in my old age, however it gives this consistent pressure of doing the work that I need to do in this world in the limited time on this earth. A greater understanding of the condition of the soul that is separated from our source is expanded in the chapter What creates evil?, therefore I feel I can become more compassionate to those who I may have felt opposed to in the past, because I can see their condition clearly, why people may choose a certain path out of fear, confusion, a sense of despair. It mention in chapter 4 The Separation 'An answer to the Separation was given the moment it began.' There is a way out of confusion, anger, hatred, fear, feeling helpless, etc. this was give at the moment we entered this earth, the solution is given for humanity, for individuals.
    Joyanne: Yes Patricia, recognizing now those moments long ago., that experience of connection, very comforting now to understand those profound experiences...They are the moments of Home, that are strengthening within to remember..
    Ellen_Society: @ Support: My PM has not worked either.
    Maurice _ Winnipeg: Thanks. It's all about relationships and how people react to what you present isn't it?
    Jim B. Upstate NY: @ Richmond so true my friend!
    Matt_bzn: @raoul - it is your browser. I have the same problem unless is sign in incognito on Chrome. Not sure why...
    Cray_Boulder: @MVS: Clarity and self honesty, I so appreciate you so generously sharing this needed (I needed that) quote with the chat and the WWC.
    Cameron: I also agree with Mathieu's perspective and so I'm am a little confused about the importance of the question.
    raoul: thanks Matt
    Kari_H_Finland: @Matthieu "I don't think about "God" that very often now" You nailed it!
    Cole_Boulder: @Mathieu, yes well said, thank you, this speaks to my experience too. I am reminded of the passage from GCS, "Knowledge is God in you. God is Knowledge in the universe." I am amazed by the simplicity and depth of this understanding, and see more and more it can only be known through profound experience and participation.
    Stéphan_Qc: Resonating to what you describe here (11:35) Mathieu
    Ken_Oklahoma: @Raoul - my PM is working, but have had trouble from time to time, which has been corrected by refreshing or closing out and reentering the site.
    raoul: @Mathieu, Richmond, great insights on inner direction, I very much feel that too
    Tamara: "...feel free to recall, and recount...." Patricia.....When I find myself in error, in confusion I work to remember the inspirations held in this life of separation. When I am dissatisfied with my progress or a state of ambivalence, I must work to remember the unfolding of God before my very eyes and within my experience. This holds the potential for joy, this coming back to God.
    mehmet_tekirdag: I don't think I pray less frequently than before for every session of stillness is a prayer in a sense.
    Martin_Australia: Yes, great description, Mathieu
    raoul: thanks I see it's been a bit of a common recent problem
    Virpi_FI: Somewhere in NMG it says that truth is an experience: the experience of Truth.
    Mathieu: @Cole: Thank you, beautiful quote "Knowledge is God in you. God is Knowledge in the universe."
    Kari_H_Finland: @Patricia, The One God reminded me of my former experiences, which I recorded as the following. "Calling through the avenues of true love and recognition." This brought into my mind the moments of true love and recognition, when I felt that God is watching the world through my eyes. The first time this mystical experience happened 16 or 17 years ago while I was sitting alone at the table in a cafeteria in Tallinn, Estonia. Feeling serenity and peace. Feeling detached from the problems of the world. Looking at the people rushing by and suddenly a powerful sensation of everything being alright struck me. The world being alright. The people being alright. Love and compassion flowed through me. I wanted to shout to the people: "Everything is alright! There is nothing to worry!" but I just watched and bathed in this indescribable feeling. After a short moment, it faded away. But this experience burned into my memory. Many years this experience baffled me until one day I recognized that it...
    Kari_H_Finland: ... was the presence of God watching the world through me. From that moment on, I realized that true God is not the God of our faith traditions.
    mary s: @Patricia, I wrote about what really is the result of the School curriculum, the ability to see this experience through the lens of the New Message. It came up after this one came immediately but was harder to describe.
    Jim B. Upstate NY: Thank you both Mathieu and Cole for your words!
    Serena_Montreal: “The world is moving you forward in its relentless evolution. If you are with this, you will feel the movement of things. You do not need to figure everything out. You will know. You will look and you will see the movement of things that permeates peoples lives and events. You do not need to make things right or wrong, give them a terrible aspect or a positive aspect. In Knowledge, there is no negative or positive. There is only recognition and action. There is no loving and hating. There is only giving, which is true love.” Wisdom from the Greater Community vl 1: World Evolution
    Joyanne: thank you Mathieu, resonating with what you stated..
    Ramona_Romania: Hello, sorry for being late, some health problems.. But now I feel better.. I think a bigger problem I have with other things, and to give an example, pride.. How can I get rid of it?
    Paul-MA: It is easy to go through life in this world without a God or not thinking of a God. A world where it is easy not to see evidence of God.....But Knowledge is the key... For proof of God is the experience and Presence of Knowledge....Further proof of God are the New Revelations. and additional proof would be the New Messenger.
    Darlene_Society: @Patricia_society, yes "The New God experience.....feeling what you feel now, and knowing what you know now of your experiences of Knowledge, of Presence, of Seeing and Hearing from higher and deeper vantage points." The Soul reminds me of the this new way of witnessing these events from a higher vantage point. I am choosing after my early life of being the angry protester, the righteous peace advocate, to see as Knowledge sees, as God sees: "You live in a world that is demonstrating Knowledge all the time. You live in a world that is demonstrating the denial of Knowledge all the time. Where will you place your emphasis?" This engenders a new compassion and objectivity in me that is real and comes from being a student of Steps for many years and contrasting old ways with this new way of seeing, being. I am so grateful for this experience. of God witnessing the world. .
    Martin_Australia: Yes indeed, Patricia. As I go further along in my studenthood the more I see the reality of Knowledge in my past.
    Ginny_Dallas: @ Kari - a deep profound experience. Thank you for sharing it!
    Gina_Boulder: @Serena, that really strikes a chord in the jet stream I feel. thanks!
    Levy: Thanks, Kari
    raoul: When I first found the NM nearly 6 years ago I realised that it is "reclaiming" the word "God" that has been misapprehended by distorted religious teachings.
    Maria_Boulder: I would just like to add to the earlier conversation regarding "negative" energies, that I took note since childhood of the story of Jesus overturning the tables of the money changers in the temple...and in Yogananda's autobiography there is a story of him displaying anger- it was what was real and called for in the moment (and necessary) many atrocities in our human history...a story I recall of a woman who was a pacifist during our two world wars and later regretted use this analogy of negative as not perhaps spiritual, I would say the earth herself is is what is needed, it is what is real.
    tonia: @Kari, how wonderful to hear your experience. Totally resonate on God watching the world through your eyes.
    mellany UK: Beautiful, Kari .. thank you.
    JeffreyAdler_Boulder: Yes, Kari, thank you for sharing that experience of Grace. Beautiful
    Jim B. Upstate NY: Oh Darlene Thank you for your words!
    Ken_Oklahoma: May we be guided by Knowledge and find those that we need to meet to complete what he came here to accomplish. "When you leave this world, your soul will be different from what you think it is now. When you advance, and your mind expands, and the soul expands to become a cluster of lights instead of a singular light, the definition and the experience of the soul will be very different." The Soul
    MVS Society: Mary, these are not spectra, they are deep determinations coming from Knowledge.
    raoul: thank you Darlene, that quote is very helpful "You live in a world that is demonstrating Knowledge all the time. You live in a world that is demonstrating the denial of Knowledge all the time. Where will you place your emphasis?"
    Val_Westport: Truly, Patricia, a lifetime of wondrous experiences, beyond understanding, from what we call The Mystery, The Mystic. They have given me wonderment, a reason to take this path, this Knowledge way--an incentive to see what's around the next turn of the path. The experiences along the way keep me humble, reminding me I don't have the answers. They keep me clinging to the questions and they keep my heart open in devotion to Very God, the Space of Spaces, the Sum of All Relationships, with great gratitude.
    Martin_Australia: I haven't been able to open many of the PMs either, Raoul. Sometimes they even disappear.
    Sang_Ca_Korea: When 'God is presence and can be experienced' is accepted, I can feel more clearly than before that Knowledge is alive in people, in the world, which I can call God's presence. Also, the joy, happiness, love I feel from people, objects and from the world also can be called God's Creation. It is definitely not our creation as human being.
    Carol_Society: @Mathieu,Cameron, Cole, Kari: And God is relationship. If you can imagine this: “The experience of God directly is the experience of all relationships at once.” Secret 44. "We have spoken many times about the experience of God in the context of relationship and communication. It is brought to you in this way so that you may practice with everything with which you come into contact." Secret 45
    Serena_Montreal: @Mathieu, yes. thank you, "I can't say I know what God is or these experiences are all God is, but I don't need to do that. I only need to keep following these experiences of light in my life and I know I will come closer to God."
    Ginny_Dallas: @ Maria - I have experienced the benefit of the emotion of anger helping me to act appropriately in situations that needed my quick action.
    raoul: @Martin, thanks for the feedback, I have sent several ones that (I chacked) have never been received
    Mike_LF_CAL: @Patricia, my first moments of the presence of the divine in my life came when I listened to "The Initiation", I knew deep down that profound change was coming to my life...
    Gina_Boulder: One of the major NM inspired shifts for me and perhaps why I'm not thinking about God like I used to is that my relationships now provide an environment where God is welcome and experienced, though in the moment I'm not defining it like that. But I can really see and feel the huge impact of God infused, purposeful and mysterious relationship. It's wonderful!
    Jim B. Upstate NY: Even as a young kid I had a hard time "thinking" of God. Now I know it is the feeling of the Presence around and within that resonates and inspires.
    Maurice _ Winnipeg: @Serena... you said it well.
    Hardev_Australia: @ Carol_Society: , thank you. I can only practice.
    ellenrose-boulder: @Carol, "We have spoken many times about the experience of God in the context of relationship and communication. It is brought to you in this way so that you may practice with everything with which you come into contact." Secret 45(9:50AM). I love how we're asked to "practice" our experience of God. Another place in the NM talks about a practice in the Greater Community called Practicing the Presence. What a gift to not be expected to already know how to do this perfectly but to be invited to practice!
    Virpi_FI: (if you are on PC/Windows and have tech issue with chat, try Mozilla Firefox browser)
    JeffreyAdler_Boulder: Thank you, Gina, I resonate with your words for sure.
    mellany UK: Resonating, Raoul .... I could barely speak the word "God" ... now it feels natural... It's a part of me .. I am a part of It.
    Joyanne: thanks Virpi
    Douglas: PM's are working for me with Google Chrome
    Virpi_FI: Gina, "my relationships now provide an environment where God is welcome and experienced". That is so special and a rare gift in this world.
    Jansett: @ Maria, I deeply appreciate your words (9:48 MST). Being with Knowledge and seeing from the Watchtower is not the same as sitting in one's ivory tower, claiming to "see" and therefore justified in being neutral and uninvolved. Analogous to the story of the man who drowned waiting for God to save him after being approached by a boat, helicopter, etc., there are times when Knowledge calls us to move, to take a stand, to act conspicuously because it is a must, a necessity. We may be called to do this in the coming times.
    Ken_Oklahoma: @Karl - Thanks for sharing this observation and realization. "Many years this experience baffled me until one day I recognized that it was the presence of God watching the world through me. From that moment on, I realized that true God is not the God of our faith traditions."
    Gina_Boulder: @Ellen rose, yes. I was also thinking about how each encounter with another- and with nature (!) is a gift, for the relationships are all around us. recognizing this makes my heart so glad.
    rayhobbs: You are connecting yourself now to something of the most importance that is central to your life that is fulfilling the deeper needs of your soul. You are still a person you are still fallible you still have your weaknesses and your idiosyncrasies but there is something else about you a presence a power a commitment to life a focus and integrity that will impress and inspire others. When someone has great presence this is particularly what it means it is not the force of their personality it is not their self-assertion or the will power is the presence that is with them. The presence of Knowledge the deeper mind within them has now become predominate and the intellect, their personal worldly mind, is following and serving this greater power within them. (Following the Presence)
    JeffreyAdler_Boulder: "God is relationship." from the Awakening (?)
    Sally_boulder: @Ellen, such a gift indeed. The NM is rich in its invitation to simply practice. For example "Here you participate in the world like your Creator, who uses everything for a greater purpose. The Creator does not come and destroy the wicked and take control of everyone and everything and force a unity that people would resist and could not choose for themselves. Instead everything is set in motion for redemption, for reunion, for contribution, for empowerment, for forgiveness and for true recognition." -Step 13 Steps Cont.
    Jim B. Upstate NY: This is so helpful to me starting my day: "When you 1st wake in the morning before you have become engaged with the world, take these moments to be with The Presence. Think about it. Sense it in the atmosphere of the room. Listen for it. Let your mind be still. Let your mind be engaged in listening." excerpt from The Night Meditation
    Tyyne_Society: Thank you, Patricia, for inviting us to recall those experiences. I can recall a moment when I felt enveloped by a comforting presence that brought great calm and peace to me as a very young girl - about 8 years old. I was sick with an ear ache after swimming in the local pool over the course of several days, a severe ear ache and I had fallen asleep with the pain. I woke up much later and walked out into the living room. My grandmother told me that everyone had gone out to dinner and I turned and walked back into the bedroom, laid on the bed and felt so very alone and left behind. It was then that a presence came over me and comforted me. I could feel it in the room. I could sense it's calm and expansive presence and I felt comforted, calm and peaceful. I watched the slow Iowa breeze gently move the lace curtains, the dapples of light and shadow and I felt so at peace. It is a memory I will never forget because it was full of presence. This precious moment. These moments, to me, are...
    Tyyne_Society: ... the threads of a real experience of something so much greater than our state of separation and life in the world. They feel like beacons. Beacons of light that provide the remembrance of where we came from and that there is another reality that exists beyond our physical life. Beacons that shine calmly, fill the room with great stillness for a few moments to carry us through and forward.
    Ken_Oklahoma: @Jansett - May we all become stronger with Knowledge and be able and ready to respond. "here are times when Knowledge calls us to move, to take a stand, to act conspicuously because it is a must, a necessity. We may be called to do this in the coming times
    mary s: @Jansett, @Maria, to me this was represented on my life map as the problem with the Fellowship of Reconciliation. They took a hard line on pacifism. It seemed to disable their voice. Surely Mel Gibson's new movie is making their case.
    Cole_Boulder: @Patricia - I remember a lot of car trips when I was a child, gazing out the window in the backseat. There was one distinct moment where, not quite intellectually, I seemed to reason, "well I know I am seeing this, but who is seeing this?...what is consciousness?" I don't remember if a conception of God had ever seemed relevant to me at that age, but deeper experiences of life and questioning the nature of my reality seemed to be a real emphasis.
    carolyn_ct: I believe It is kind of hard to 'think' about God. Contemplate, perhaps. Ponder, feel, experience. Observe results or evidence of the Creator of All Life...long ago I gave up speculating on the existence. It is not provable from that mindset. While truth exists immutably.
    Levy: Thanks Jim, I often remember this passage too
    75704: @rayhobbs-Thanks for that quote.
    raoul: @Tyyne, beautiful, thank you for sharing that
    JeffreyAdler_Boulder: Lovely, lovely Tyyne, thank you.
    Joyanne: @Ray, so true.. I realized this yesterday, "of the most importance that is central to your life that is fulfilling the deeper needs of your soul.". regardless of what is going on in our world, within my journey, I realized this pathway is fulfilling the deeper need of my soul.. gone is the gnawing need within to connect, to find my way.. It is humbling and such a big Blessing, to recognize my souls needs are being met.
    mehmet_tekirdag: hourly time "btw"
    Darlene_Society: For a moment, the hour strikes and let us experience the God presence that is so with us..
    Russell_Sask: TOH
    Ken_Oklahoma: The hour with my NM family passes quickly!
    mary s: The New Message agrees with the Fellowship of Reconciliation, and I find it agrees with Jesus: even angry thoughts send out violence and if all possible we must hold ourselves accountable for them. No more war, no division within.
    MVS Society: Ramona, one way to undo pride is recognize how seldom you are connected with your deeper experience, how seldom you are listening for Knowledge, how seldom you are seeing clearly, without fear or preference.
    Patricia_Society: Remembering in childhood, maybe age 6 or 7, creeping out of the house in early evening to see the snow falling…..having gathered boots,snowsuit, mittens and hat and sneaking into the outer hallway so that no one would know or make fun of me (given the cacophony and endless activity and noise from my 6 brothers and sisters. Creeping out into the sparking snow with my doll… was quiet out there. No one knew I was there. Finally quiet out there and so good to be alone, but ….then I wasn’t alone… amidst the sparkling white crystals in the air and the soft snowy crib I made for my baby doll, there was a light… a Light….ohhhh a Love and a Light……oh,…… I’ve come to recognize this same experience again here and there over the years…this one experience has powered me for life…..a God experience…..of being known…of being accompanied…..Thank you for all of your accounts here. They will help Marshall, myself and Reed speak more publicly, but hopefully intimately to the New God Experience...
    Patricia_Society: ... people everywhere may be we all bring The New God forward together.....
    Alison_Boulder: @Tyyne and @Cole, thank you for reminding me that there were moments of presence and God like this as a child.
    Hardev_Australia: Thank you for sharing Tyyne, such a precious experience.
    Mathieu: @Patricia: back in the past, I wasn't resonating with the idea of God as presented in my culture at this time (mainly through Catholicism). But I did recall the feeling of awkwardness being in the world, like it's not really my nature, I have to adapt to this foreign environment... then the resonance with all kind of mission based stories I could read, watch or hear. I had this strong feeling of being hear on a mission, yet no idea what that would be... for a long time. Then some inexplicable feelings, experiences, in nature perhaps mostly, when I could sense some Grace with me, the feeling that I wasn't completely lost and alone in this world, even if my circumstances where looking like I was... Then some decisions of consequence made without explanation. I had to take that road just because I knew it. I think my most powerful experience of God in my past was the inexplicable journey I was aware partially at times and which connected me to my real purpose for being here and to the...
    Mathieu: ... remembrance of life beyond this life. And so much of it I wasn't aware of at the time, only in hindsight, many years after did I came to realize I had traveled a journey I couldn't have made all by myself, following with some clumsiness an inner calling and guidance.
    Hyeonam_Korea: @Ramona, I hope you feel better asap. Blessing your health.
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    Russell_Sask: So when we feel the bond to Knowledge is weak it is we that must stay Strong. Good Advice Perhaps.
    rayhobbs: God knows that without Knowledge you can only make mistakes in this life you will live a life of compromise and frustration anger and resentment your soul’s needs will be unmet you will be dissatisfied you will blame others and the world for your dissatisfaction. You be will unhappy fundamentally no matter how pleasant your surroundings no matter how much wealth you may acquire. You will be fundamentally dissatisfied because you have not fulfilled your greater purpose for coming into the world. You have given yourself away to other things you have been seduced by the world but this does not make God angry because without Knowledge you can only be seduced by the world. You can only create some other identity for yourself and try to live out your personal agenda which has largely been created for you by the influences around you. Your redemption comes from taking the Steps to Knowledge and by following guidance and direction of Knowledge as safely and patiently and honestly as you can....
    rayhobbs: ... (Following the Presence)
    tonia: Marvellous, Patricia. Thank you
    Kristina_Boulder: @Patricia, Tyyne, I remember I was in college, it was a difficult time as my mother husband passed away and I was planning to come to US later that year. I was worried about the whole situation. I was opening the door to my apartment when I saw in my head and felt like a yellow bowl of energy entered my being and provided a peace and comfort and I knew then that everything will be OK.
    22468: @Russell - very good advice!! It is WE who must stay strong!
    Jangsun_Korea: Thank you Tyyne for sharing your experience.
    Maria_Boulder: I will admit, that despite the invitation to share here, I am inhibited in sharing my peronal experiences of God...I will explore what this is about
    Richmond_UK: Thank you Patricia for sharing that!
    raoul: Thank you for sharing that marvelous memory, Patricia
    Andreea_Mtl: Thank you for sharing Tyyne and Patricia. I recall similar experiences as a child. Beacons of light they are indeed.
    Levy: Mathieu, I share the experience of resonating very much with mission related stories in younger years.
    Kari_H_Finland: Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
    Jill_Boulder: Thank you everyone...NNC
    raoul: Same here, Levy, Mathieu, the feeling of mission was there for me too in younger years.
    Jeanne_Boulder: Thanks to all students today for sharing, appreciate all of your wisdom. Nasi Novare Coram
    Kristina FL: Thank you Patricia for sharing,so beautiful, i can picture you
    ellenrose-boulder: @Patricia, as a young child when bad things would happen to me I would leave my body and sit in the closet until they were over and I would often feel a group with me. One time when I was perhaps 5 or 6 they sang to me in a foreign yet familiar language. I just called them "Them" and knew that they were with me. Recalling that experience has helped me through countless challenges and unspeakable circumstances.
    mehmet_tekirdag: Hope to attend this sacred gathering next week this time "inshallah", NNC.
    carolyn_ct: inshallah mehmet
    Jim B. Upstate NY: Thank you Patricia for sharing! I too can picture you
    Mike_LF_CAL: I am eternally grateful for having found the NMFG, I need it now more than ever before. Mavran Mavran Conay Mavron. Nasi Novare Coram
    Cameron: Could someone please explain "Nasi Novare Coram??
    Suzie_Australia: As a new student I am very much still learning - and I thank you all for helping me to understand through your sharing...NNC.
    Ramona_Romania: Something like, The Angelic Presence is with me....
    Mathieu: @ellen rose, thank you for sharing this experience..
    Levy: Cameron, see here
    Cameron: ah - thank you
    Ramona_Romania: @cameron
    Maria_Boulder: Thank you Mathieu, Patricia, Ellen Rose...all! for your beautiful sharings...they are moving
    MVS Society: When encountering people who claim to be religious, I often say "tell me what you practice, not what you believe."
    Tamara: Why has being present and participating in these campfire chats been a must from me? Perhaps it is the threads of relationships and experiences shared here, for they provide me with rich inspiration, deep questions, and moments of insight. I get to experience the work of God via a computer that connects me with the world and with a part of the unseen reality supporting us
    Shane: Thank you all, Nasi Novare Coram...
    eron: Blessings to everyone...Nasi Novare Coram
    90693: Rare gifts, to hear the 'secret experiences' of individuals, and to witness the coaching MVS provides us all, here today. Practicing presence clears the way, to remain out of the fray and yet connected and in relationship to the whole. Deep gratitude for these gems. and for the NM that has brought us all together, fortifying us now, and for the future. NNC
    Robert_Society: Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
    Alison_Boulder: In these early days of call and response we have a wide open window of availability to share these God experiences. Almost magical it is, how freely we can disperse these teachings and speak about our journey. Let us tell the world of a Message and Messenger that they must not let pass by. Advocacy Gatherings continue Thursdays at 6:30MST, 7 MDT at\NewMessage.
    Insuk: Thank you Tyyne for sharing your experiencing.
    Richmond_UK: Thank you everyone. Nasi Novare Coram.
    33998: Thank you so much dearest Messenger for this perspective--The truth is not the product of perspective. It is the product of clarity and self-honesty. It is so good to receive a correction that is obviously 'of the truth'. And it is so good to feel within me that what I have been open to receive has the certainty and honesty of truth for me.
    Ellen_Society: @ Cameron:Nasi Novare Coram means: The Presence of the Teachers of God is with us.
    mellany UK: Oh...beautiful testimonies to the Presence of Grace. Thank you Patricia, Tyyne, Ellenrose. I can't recall such from my childhood...but since finding NMG, yes.
    rayhobbs: Nasi Novare Coram: “'The presence of the Teachers of God is with me.'”-
    raoul: Thank you for being here Suzie, we are all learning from each other
    Cameron: Thank you all
    Leigh: Tell me what you practice, not what you believe, yes, that is very helpful, Marshall. I will listen to their response with compassion.
    MaryL_Boulder: @Ellenrose, your sharing of leaving my body has reminded me of my early experiences of escape and safety which I can see now unfortunately carried over to how I dealt with being in the world. Thank you for this insight into myself.
    mellany UK: Love and gratitude to The Messenger, Patricia, The Society and all. Thank you Carol and Darlene. Nasi Novare Coram.
    Kelvin (Boulder): nnc
    Russell_Sask: The path up this mountain is Steep Narrow and Treacherous, The company is Sparce, The Destination is however the Journey...
    Mathieu: Thank you all for this chat. Nasi Novare Coram
    rayhobbs: Step 296 Nasi Novare Coram
    TODAY’S ANCIENT WORDS WILL STIMULATE KNOWLEDGE. Their meaning may be translated thus:“The presence of the Teachers of God is with me. ”This is a simple translation of these words, but their power far exceeds their obvious meaning. They can evoke within you a deep response, for they are an invocation for Knowledge, born of an ancient language that has not originated in any world. This language represents the language of Knowledge and serves all those who speak a language and who still need a language to communicate.
    Russell_Sask: See you Top Side if we don't meet along the Way.
    Douglas: NNC All
    Sang_Ca_Korea: Thank you everyone. Nasi Novare Coram.
    Suzie_Australia: Thanks Raoul..
    tonia: Reflecting on Marshalls words, I shall be reading the chapter reffered to, as much work is being dedicated to forgiving and being of service. (MVS Society: “It is not a question of love or fear. It is a question of honesty and wisdom. The truth is not the product of perspective. It is the product of clarity and self-honesty. The truth does not change depending on how you look at it. The question is, can you really look at it? Can you abide with it? Can you allow it to challenge you and to restore you?
    ONE BOOK: The Dangerous Second Comin(5:30PM))
    James_SD: I am reminded of an experience I have not thought about since I was a kid. Im in 4th grade and my teacher says the word infinity… “forever and ever and ever and ever….” my mind tries to wrap around this word. I felt like I was falling, at the edge of a great expanse… terrifying it evoked something deeper within me. It opened the “trap door”.
    Stéphan_Qc: Love & Care my sisters and brothers in Knowledge. N.N.C.
    Ramona_Romania: " My true frinds are with me! I Am Not Alone!!!" Thank you all for your contribution!
    Cole_Boulder: Thank you Marshall, Patricia, Society and all. NNC
    Patricia_Society: To all, again thank you.....We will be with your testimony and experiences here - As the years have gone on, I have even found myself watching for the evidence and the signs that someone around me might be having an uncommon perhaps, awesome internal experience...I watch for the elation. I watch for the tears. I watch for the stunned silence....I watch for the tremors and shudders....Over the decades of years in my form of work, whether on the streets (both bombed-out and broken down and wealthy) on my way to find my patients or in other such settings, I tried to prime (calibrate) my nose and eyes for scent and the image of the "Presence" that I first encountered in childhood. How else to endure the overwhelming experience of everyone feeling forgotten....I would say to myself and to them in my mind, " You're not alone. I'm here with you. So you and me, we're together, we're not alone. But really..... there's much more....and this is our moment"......And I would think,...
    Patricia_Society: ... "God is here,... all over the place, inside,...out side..."
    Carol_Society: In parting, I would like to share these encouraging words of the Angels that stood out for me at the end of a retreat the past few days: “Be of good cheer, for a great Message is being sent into the world from the Creator of all life in the universe. Have greater confidence, for the power and presence of Knowledge is within you. As you learn to take the Steps to Knowledge, you will find its power, grace and guidance for yourself and for others. And you will see that you truly were created by God and sent into the world for a greater purpose, and that you have a greater destiny beyond this world, and a greater future within and beyond the boundaries of time.” The New God
    Cray_Boulder: In answer to the One God of a billion billion billion universes and more, how would I share with another of this vision, I may speak of it in terms of a felt experience of God, an urging to seek that experience with God, through art/no-mind altered state "zone" inducing activities, music, devotional practice, through the natural pull towards stillness that is so healing...I do see evidence of Knowledge in others....hear them speak of feeling pulled or receiving a inner knowing experience.... people are ready & so need this

    ....the One is a feeling of resonance and connection.....with my community at a listening and feeling a wish to communicate at a deeper level with someone, even a "strange-er (than me)"........
    feeling a push forward....push to get right, clear up a misunderstanding, an estrangement, or to somehow forgive another.....forgive myself......hard to put into words at this point....but its deep, its real, and it does not change in how it feels...
    Cray_Boulder: ... much so far.
    Adria_work: Thank you all, I was not able to take part today, but the presence of the gathering was felt. I look forward to read this chat at home. Nasi Novare Coram
    Russell_Sask: Tis Been an Honour to make this Trek with you all yet another Week. Stop Look and Listen at the Top of the Hours until next we gather again.
    Jordan_Montreal: For as long as I can remember I had an awareness and a knowing of God. I remember when I was around 10 years old I was at a christian summer camp and shared my views on God. A priest or whoever was in charge sat me down to try and correct my views and I remember asking him questions which he couldn't answer. I was strong enough in my understanding and knowing of God somehow at that age where I was able to last over an hour of conversation trying to get him to see God differently. I remember being proud of myself and looking forward to telling my dad about it. I remember that around 15 or 16 years old I thought that I was Jesus or someone of that importance. I felt I was being watched closely at times. When I discovered the NM at the age of 20 the first chapter I read was What is God? in GCS. It was the most pure and clear and deepest truth I ever experienced. I didn't really care at the time that Marshall was supposed to be the Messanger and what I was reading was the New Message From...
    Jordan_Montreal: ... God. Call this what you want and proclaim yourself to be whoever you want to be. It makes no difference to me. I knew the truth of what I was reading and was wondering if Marshall or anybody else really knew the truth of this message.
    Tyyne_Society: Thank you, Patricia... to look for the experience and presence in others in all our daily engagements in the world.
    rayhobbs: Beyond your temporary identity in this world, beyond all the events of this world and all other worlds, beyond the river of your experience in this life, there is Knowledge within you, and it is God that is the Author of this Knowledge. If you think of God within this greater context, you can begin to appreciate the power and magnificence of God’s Creation, in the world and eventually within yourself. Your body, your mind, your personality—these are all temporary vehicles whose greater purpose is to express your relationship with God and the Wisdom that God has given to you to communicate and to contribute to a world in need. Think then of your mind, your body, your intellect as vehicles of expression, valuable in and of themselves, but not as valuable as that which they are meant to express and to serve. Then you will begin to see that God permeates all things, lives within all things and yet is beyond all things—all at the same time. You can feel this Presence wherever you are, and...
    rayhobbs: ... you can find and follow Knowledge wherever you are. (Comprehending God )
    Jim B. Upstate NY: I have been giving my wife books from the NM to read for about 2 yrs. now and she may have skimmed through them various times. On the 3rd time which was just a few weeks ago I gave her the book Greater Community Spirituality. One morning when i woke i went upstairs and she was crying. I asked her what had made her cry and she showed me the book and said: "This really hit me." what a moment it was. Nasi Novare Coram
    Levy: Wow Jim, thanks for sharing.
    Jansett: Beautiful, Jim, thank you!
    tonia: Thank you, Patricia. Reading your words move me deeply, as I here and there resonate with your descriptions.
    raoul: Wow Jim, that is very touching
    Dariel_Boulder: Dearest Patricia, I have been able to look back recently and see my need to escape to a treed area in nature--even climb a tree-- as experiences where I wanted to be with that place in me that yearned for the mystery that I couldn't name but kept calling me. I've often asked others from all different backgrounds, "did you have a tree in you childhood that called you back?" So many have and I would guess that it was the 'God experience' that was at the root of that calling.
    Ramona_Romania: Resonating with you wife Jim! I myself had running away for a couple of years... Not wanting to read, not wanting to be part of it, not wanting to Know....
    Cray_Boulder: The recognition of both what Jordan and Jim said, and all of you have said here today, pretty moving. thank you all.
    Levy: Jordan, thanks for sharing.
    Me: @Maria. I encourage you to explore these experiences. Last year, from some directive from the Society, I started to document these rare, yet unforgettable moments of "seeing through the eyes of God," as Kari put it. These experiences were had long before finding this revelation. And they kept me going, like Tyyne said, "As beacons of Light" through life, knowing that there was something greater than what was promoted in my culture. I feel these are powerful testimonies that will stregthen us if we recognize our innate experiences and then connect them to what the revelation is showing us. I also feel that they could help others connect with this great revelation, too.
    Howard_Boulder: @Jordan_Mont... What a wonderful testimony.
    Kristina FL: Thank you Jim,what a moment, sooner or later God will catch up with us all.
    mellany UK: That's great, Jim! Thanks for sharing.
    tonia: Thank you, Carol.
    tonia: That's great, Jim. What a moment
    Tamara: Because everyone holds the capacity to experience God, however labeled, defined, or denied...there is room within each person, within each encounter, for the expression of Truth. Carrying this into each day brings the richness of this life to bare in my experience.
    raoul: Thank you all for another inspiring chat, the Australian night is calling...
    Nasi Novare Coram
    Maria_Boulder: Thank you Mark Berger. My experiences are for me vivid and powerful in my heart of hearts...and hav eset the course of my life...I just feel some restraint (possibly just shy)in sharing.
    Ellen_Society: Thank you, Darlene and Carol, for guiding us in this momentous chat.
    Hardev_Australia: Thank you all. NNC
    Maria_Boulder: @ Jim B- my heart rejoices for you and your wife! Blessed Be
    JeffreyAdler_Boulder: Yes, Jim B, so great for both of you.
    mellany UK: Thank you, Jordan.
    Patricia_Society: To all, very enriching...very....Marshall looked at me just now and said, "Patricia, tell everyone we will be exploring the New God Experience going forward...." Forward, onward, into the world, into life, into work environments, into family gatherings, as we run, walk and we paint, garden and write, we will recognize, explore and be with these New God experiences......and perhaps come back here to share the life sustaining power of God....with each other and with the larger world as they come here desperately in need of restoration and companionship....
    Kristina_Boulder: @Dar, I did have a tree and I liked to be here alone and play on it.
    Martin_Australia: Dariel, wonderful, you have brought back some childhood memories, thank you. Yes, I had a tree and a large rock or may I say boulder that called me to climb and sit 'alone'.
    Kelton: There was a period in my life when I no experience of, or desire for spiritual aspirations and one night duiring this empty period in my life I had a dream that I was sitting on a high rocky ledge at night overlooking magnificent snow capped mountains that were revealed and silhouetted by a wondrous starry night. It was a place that felt familiar and a presence sat beside me that was familiar and yet mysterious and this presence gave me a since of comfort and purpose and meaning. I awoke from this dream and felt like my life had been recharged and I experienced a lightheartedness that is always there when I recall this experience.
    Carol_Society: @ Dariel: yes, I too had a tree in childhood, high on a hill that I could see from my bedroom window, that I would frequently return to, climb, and sit high up, staring in wonder and awe at the skies, unaware of myself, immersed in the skies...
    58977: Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
    Tyyne_Society: Legacy Giving: If life has given you the financial means to become a Benefactor, you may have a historic role in assuring the success and preservation of the New Message from God into the deep future. Legacy Giving can be done progressively in single donations, or through these mediums of giving
    Establishment of an Endowment
    Gift of stock or real estate
    Charitable Bequests in your will
    Designating The Society as a beneficiary of an insurance policy or a retirement plan
    Kristina FL: Thank you Patricia and Marshall, so moving. May the blessing be with you always.
    tonia: Oh wonderful, Patricia. Tell him much thanks back. What a precious statement to be with. Thank you (smiling)
    Dariel_Boulder: @Jim B...That book, GCS, is my favorite. We all have one that calls us more strongly though they all contain the truth of KN. I am happy for her and for you.
    Maria_Boulder: @ Patricia- MVS message via you heard!
    Betty_UK: @JeffreyAdler 'God is relationship' from the Awakening- as we are still connected to this relationship - others too some may be aware of this relationship, others may not be aware of this relationship - but it is there 'The relationship' what does it mean if each of us has this relationship, whether known or unknown?
    Jim B. Upstate NY: Thank you Jordan. Your words inspired me to share what I did! Thank you all so much! MVS, Patricia, Reed, Society! And my fellow students! I feel us coming closer to each other in Knowledge and our experiences of God and the relationship we have with the Divine through one another.
    Dariel_Boulder: So glad, Martin. I have a feeling that there are many other experiences that we have yet to uncover...
    Dariel_Boulder: Thank you Jordan, for sharing that great experience.
    Danny_Australia: I feel blessed to be here, what we are experiencing now, this feeling of home, we are lucky to know that this will never leave us, our home here will always be, here or there, it will be, timeless, endless, always has been, always will be, and here we are, remembering. One wonderful experience I have recently appreciated is that feeling of looking out at night time and seeing all the little lights in every house, and realizing, where there is a light in each house it means there is life. In each one of those houses, each light is there to serve a living being, the light is on because someone is living and needs the light to see. Experiencing god is that feeling of remembering that many candles are lit at this one time, many lights are on, here the smallness of the self becomes evident, and the bigness of everything else becomes experienced, in such a way that what is more real that our short time here is a much more vast reality, both in time and space, the scale is fully out of...
    Danny_Australia: ... commonly assumed proportions...
    Martin_Australia: True, Dariel. I'm starting to realize that.
    Jim B. Upstate NY: Thank you Dariel!
    Kahala_Oregon: Thank you All. NNC
    Patricia_Society: @Jordan, Cole, Kristina, Ellen Rose @ all these experiences your wellsprings of renewal. As I just PM's to Tyyne, " that one experience(childhood snowy Presence experience" has powered me all my life...I would refer back to it...and always I would experience some sort of restoration, like Dorothy finally having made it Oz, shattered, being put back together and being re-united with herself... nothing like being all loved up and having your shoes...shiny again....
    Ken_Oklahoma: @Dariel - Thanks for sharing this connection with trees. While growing up on a farm in Iowa, I had a strong desire to spend time in the quiet, green, lush windbreak grove. I climbed trees and built platforms in trees where I could sit alone, look out over the open landscape and experience the fields and views from the glacial terminal moraine. I still have this desire to be in open spaces and under the canopy of mature trees. Working in a National Park area has given me this opportunity. The New Message talks about being close to nature, to feel the presence of God in nature.
    Kelton: Thank you all for sharing your most significant life experiences. It is an honor to be present here and feel this resonance move our hearts in unison.
    Dariel_Boulder: Thank you dearest Messenger from the depth of my heart and soul for the gift you have given to all of us here and to all humanity. May we share it wide and pure so that humanity has its chance to engage and we all contribute on into the GC... Thank you to all. NNC
    Val_Westport: With gratitude for this time around the campfire and thinking with great Thanks Giving, of the amazing experiences and harvest of wisdom and folly that has led me to being a student of Knowledge. Thank you to God, The Teachers and our Messenger and the our Teachers of the New Message. Thank you to you in the World Wide Community for sharing your experiences along this road with me. Nasi Novare Coram.
    JeffreyAdler_Boulder: Yes, thanks Dariel. I am reminded of a tree I used to get up in, and I have not thought of this in decades. I liked that tree.
    Levy: Nasi Novare Coram, have a great weekend and week, all
    tonia: Thank you all. It's been rich and a quote that I am with a lot comes forward: "Let me be of service, so that I may give, for in the end it is all about simple service." (I think it is from The Greater Coordination?) - This quote has been with me for weeks, as healing relationships and forgiving others sincerely really is the work required for my part now, and this makes a New God Experience a something to emerge within, as we strive forward. Thank you, all. Nasi Novare Coram.
    Insuk: Thank you Patricia for sharing you experience. It will be helpful for me to remind my experience.
    Danny_Australia: Also some times I have been on the bus at night, observing every light outside buildings, out the front, illuminating the entrance to the building. This I find very fascinating, because the light out the front of the buildings at night is a light shined for a potential visitor. Its hard to explain, but this to me seems incredibly beautiful, because it is a light going out to the unknown, where there is faith that that light is being received. The lights out the front at night are only for the 'other', to me this shows the faith of humanity, that they are willing to give to the 'other' with a knowing that there is life beyond one's own 'self', there is consciousness 'out there'. It is a manifestation of human faith, a faith that many may not even be aware of.
    Dariel_Boulder: Why trees? In the midst of Los Angeles years ago, my daughter lived in a very rough neighborhood but there was a tree outside her fenced apartment complex. She knew and I knew that that tree helped her to fuel her connection with the mystery of God.
    Cray_Boulder: @Dariel: I spent many hours in nature, always want to be with 1. loved ones 2.outside growing up. On the farm as a youngun, I would set off with my 2 yr younger brother to a spring, covered in a thick leaf canopy I called "Heaven." as a 9-10 yo, I spent many hours in a tree with that same set in a small town, it was very quiet and instructive up there...thankfully, I'm still drawn to "timber" woods & thick tree growth, prevalent conifer trees out here even smell amazing... the trees between arapahoe and 17th street on the creek path used to really knock me out....those towering, rattling cottonwoods! & the creek, pretty special.
    Dariel_Boulder: Beautiful Cray!
    James_SD: @ Danny- Beautiful. May we shine our Light in the same way.
    JeffreyAdler_Boulder: Yes, Danny, I am enjoying your insights here. Thank you
    Ken_Oklahoma: @Cray - Was that an Iowa experience?
    carolyn_ct: Escaping to nature has always been incredibly revitalizing to me. My first sighting of the milky way as a baby/toddler crossing the desert in the back of a station wagon. I was laying down in such a way that all I saw were those stars, and they seem to know me, and I them. My sense was that was where I had just come from (recently). It seemed impossible to explain. That memory has stayed with me all my life too.
    Tyyne_Society: Thank you everyone, for sharing your experience and your realizations, for the New Message does as Patricia states... It brings us to our recollections of past God experiences and brings us to new God experiences where there is "nothing like being all loved up and having your shoes...shiny again". This is the redemption that the NM promises that is within us now and forever and ever. Thank you all so much.
    Jansett: @Dariel, thank you so much for mentioning trees. Reminds me of this: "For me, trees have always been the most penetrating preachers....Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. They do not preach learning and precepts; they preach, undeterred by particulars, the ancient law of life."― Hermann Hesse, Bäume. Betrachtungen und Gedichte
    Val_Westport: All this talk of living in trees--in my youth much time was spent up in the oak trees in Monterey, California. My tree-climbing friend of 65 years of my 70 years in life just came to visit. We reminisced about our adventures in the dear oak trees; it amuses me to see how many of us were tree-dwellers! Smiles...
    Martin_Australia: I'm loving your light analogies, Danny
    Jansett: Ditto what Martin said, @Danny
    Joe_UK: Thank you so much all for being here, truly an honour to hear these empowering New God experiences. Nasi Novare Coram
    Ramona_Romania: Yes Jansett! I think nature can induce us the biggest influence about Knowledge!
    76388: Our deepest gratitude to Marshall and to Patricia, and much thanks to each of you for sharing your deepest memories and experiences related to the One God. May they continue to feed and support us and each other, as we become more aware of them and bear witness to them. Nasi Novare Coram
    MaryL_Boulder: I grew up without the stories and traditions of Christmas but every year the lights would be shining from each house, lights in the windows and lights from trees that I can see. The cold, dark skies and stars and all the lights in homes made me feel very happy, peaceful and quiet inside. It was a mystery to me and it filled me with a special feeling of joy. Then at that young age (before school) I was uneducated about religion and Jesus but still touched by something from the tradition.
    Ken_Oklahoma: May we all spend more time in Nature to discover "our true nature"!!
    tonia: Wow Tyyne. Thank you.
    Ramona_Romania: ....just being there, being still, looking at trees, or mountains!
    Danny_Australia: Thanks Martin, James, Jeffrey & Jansett its coming to me now because its a late night and as I look outside from where I am sitting I can see lights in the dark distance.
    Darlene_Society: This has truly been a sitting around the campfire chat telling stories and connecting in the dark with the light of our fire sending sparks into the night are an amazing collection of people, storytellers, God people...I love you all. Thank you and keep stoking this fire while I'm gone...Nasi Novare Coram
    JeffreyAdler_Boulder: Danny, so poetic and painterly at the same time, your words here are.
    Cray_Boulder: thank you all for such a precious time and connection together today, nasi novare coram. I have a lot of gratitude for all of you and your movement with this work and sharing of your experience and Knowledge, on this week marking thanksgiving.
    (@Ken, you know it, the (loess hills) bluffs & woods that weren't knocked down of western corners of iowa.)
    Virpi_FI: Ken, about nature experience. I have a flower on my desk that was a bud yesterday and today is in full bloom. To perceive it open so fast is like looking God at work. Utterly graceful and beautiful sign of God's work in the world. I have also always been fascinated by old trees. Touching an old tree, you touch something that has been there before you and probably will outlive you. Thank you all, NNC!
    Danny_Australia: Thank you Jeffrey you are always too generous
    Insuk: Thank you Darlene and Carol for guiding us.
    Martin_Australia: Thank you Carol and Darlene. Gratitude to all. NNC
    MaryL_Boulder: I hate to leave this campfire chat with you all but I take you all with me in my heart. This is my experience of God - with you all as you truly are, the light that you are, and the beauty of the essence of you all. Thank you. NNC
    Jordan_Montreal: Thank you all. NNC
    83343: Thank you Carol and Darlene!
    Danny_Australia: Thank you all, it's hard to leave.
    Inhee_Korea: Thank you all. Nasi Novare Coram
    Danny_Australia: But I trust that the presence is always here. Nasi Novare Coram
    Insuk: Thank you Marshall, Patricia and All. Nasi Novare Coram
    Martin_Australia: It is, Danny. I need to sleep though, got to work today and it's 5am in Sydney.
    Val_Westport: At the foundation of all experience is the Knowledge that illumines them.
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