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“The purity and clarity of what is recorded in the texts is so rare, so simple and clear, that it belies the current of power running under the gifts it bears. At some point, most other distractions fall away, and a yearning for the deep listening and hearing intrinsic to this Message moves in like a gentle seeping of water under the door. Ones own self deception becomes more clear, motive, agenda, lack of presence and attention: all of it rises up for viewing and realization. There is no other core, real message for these times. This is as pure as it comes. May Marshall remain safe in people’s gratitude.”

Conor S. from the United States


Marshall Vian Summers wants you to know that from the perspective of The Source, the New Message is here to save the world. It is God’s response to the prayers and needs of each person: prayers for recognition, relationship, purpose and freedom. It is here to free the gifts of Knowledge which remain locked up in so many people – gifts the world desperately needs now. The New Message has the power to trigger the activation of Knowledge in people everywhere. This is God's plan for individual and planetary freedom.

Marshall wants you to know that the New Message is a journey to take, and he is calling you to take this journey with him—a journey that will lead us to a new relationship with ourselves, one another and ultimately with the Creator. He wants you to know that this New Revelation is here to bring new life to the world’s religions, to restore integrity to human governance and institutions and to heal humanity’s battered relationship with God.

As the Messenger continues to receive the New Message from God, and as more and more people engage with the Mystery of the New Message in their lives—a process of recognition, acceptance, change and new learning—the reality of the New Message becomes stronger. As more people examine their role in supporting, stabilizing and bringing the Message to others, God’s New Revelation comes closer to reaching its destined recipient: the human family.

Its roots sink deeper into the soil of human awareness and society.

Its promise of a new way forward for humanity begins to actualize.

The threat of collapse and darkness in the world diminishes.

The fate of humanity changes dynamically as each person receives the New Message and begins to move on the mysterious path that it puts before them.


In these early days of the Revelation, the New Message is pure and undiscovered. The Worldwide Community of the New Message is beginning to form. The steps are being taken, relationships are being forged and greater work and roles are coming into being.

Miraculously, you have found the New Message. Miraculously, others like you are responding to the great Revelation of this time—most of them studying it on their own, struggling to bring it into their lives, building new relationships with people they have only just met and feeling daily the pressures of a world in need.

Each of us is connected by a growing realization that we live at a time of Revelation, and that through the Revelation our awareness is growing that we have a new relationship with God, The Unseen Ones, Knowledge, the Messenger, the Greater Community, the Allies of Humanity, the World and each other.

Each of us is connected by a desire for a greater life in the world. And many of us are connected by the desire to give our time and financial resources to establish the foundation for the New Message from God in the world.

The pure New Message is being given directly to the people, and the clouds of human commentary and corruption which have so long lingered over God's Revelations are being lifted.  Something pure and fresh and divine is being given to humanity, which so thirsts for a new way forward.

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Year in Review

A video message from The Society

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The Veil of the Messenger

This revelation is a gift to you, prepared in recent days, received by Marshall Vian Summers on December 7th, 2012 for all those who feel called to walk with the Messenger.

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Walking with the Messenger


The Afterglow of Revelation

A recording of the Messenger in the seconds and moments after receiving The Veil of the Messenger.